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  1. Hellooo anyone out thereeee?

    werd! I must have gotten atleast a half of dozen hand jobs or blow jobs from CP chicks in an 18 month period on different dancefloors & couches throughout NYC's nightclubs or at some cracked out after hours party...the things some girls will do for a and it's the ones that you would least expect it from...good times
  2. Another spending spree by the Yanks

    You're just bitter because Tex gave it to the Sox in the ass with no vaseline...stop whining
  3. Hellooo anyone out thereeee?

    I always had a crush on you... so whats up with you and me kickin it?
  4. GOSSIP!!! Spotted together!

    it's true I was there DOOM tried making out with me
  5. Junior Vasquez

    see you on the dance floor starscream. cant wait to settle this shit once and for all
  6. I miss this board

    maybe if you people didn't suck so much other's would post
  7. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    WOAH who are you?...nice rack
  8. Roberts vs. Cano

    I'm here...that wasn't my argument if that is what you meant
  9. What do we all look like (Pics) post em!!

    OMG you are absolutely beautiful...I"m sure I am reaching here but if you still happen to post here or check this board out every so often I would love to get to know you. I do not think I have ever seen beauty like you grace these boards before...I AM IN LOVE
  10. Hey

    hola 25 year old hottie from SI...just what I'm looking for...you got myspace?
  11. Just Go away Hillary

    Bush 4 More Years!!!!
  12. Studying for the Series 6

    PM Felix...that kid has taken every test in every field known to man
  13. **Happy Birthday DGMODEL**

    for those who aren't aware DGMODEL finally reached his goal and has his own message board up and running which has really taken off. feel free to PM me if anyone is interested in joining and reunited with some old cats. He also wanted me to tell you thank you for the birthday wishes
  14. attn : lolahotass

    Not for nothing but those tittie shots were type wack all dark and shit...Re do por favor...