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  1. Duvet is Dangerous

    Yeah absolutley rediculous...u can't go anywhere these days without having a guard up
  2. “Best $2k I Ever Spent!� Webster Hall

    Webster Hall not a big fan....Not a good looking crowd...as u can see by the pics...Sorry
  3. Junior Vasquez

    I heard PACHA will be sick for HAlloween
  4. Random Thoughts #3

    I' m about to use my ivibe rabbit....buzzz buzzz
  5. Lookin to get crazy for Halloween. Gonna dress pretty scandolous. Just wanna know where i can show it all. My girlfriens and i can't wait to party, but need a good spot. What's Pacha supposed to be like. Wanna get insanely f***ed up.......
  6. Lookin for a great place perhaps in the meat packing district that is up and coming. Tired of the same old...Upbeat for hot sexy models...ANY IDEAS will be greatly appreciated. Sloppy Clam http://www.sloppyclam.com
  7. Where can you get a Great Fake ID in NY?

    Your best bet is to go to the Village section. I'm from Vegas but came here when i was 19 to model. Didn't really need it because i never got checked but usually the best place to go is yeah the Village smoke shops hehe. good luck!!!!! Sloppy Clam http://www.sloppyclam.com