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  1. she is sooooo succulent!!

    yeah bro..the minute i saw that page...first thing that popped into my head was to be able to put some ben&jerrys ice cream on that ass..and just eat her out till she creams!!!!!!
  2. she is sooooo succulent!!

  3. she is sooooo succulent!!

  4. she is sooooo succulent!!

  5. she is sooooo succulent!!

  6. any one got info on this spot? is it worth checkin out
  7. shootouts!!

    on the jadakiss album ft styles is FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. who else is at work

    boiler room was such a HOTT flick... they should do a part 2 to that somehow...show how these guys go onto bigger and better crimes wehn they get outta jail
  9. who else is at work

    i sure as hell think it is...happy hour 11-1 $ 3 bux for whatever you want...2 shots and a beer and your good to go and only 10 bux down...not bad...the owner is a genius!!! cheap liquor+ women in bikinis/lingerie= MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY!!!!!!!
  10. who else is at work

    nassau bar by far has to be the best place to drink at during lunchtime downtown...cheap drinks and bikini wearing bartenders...what more can you ask for...and you can also take food from outside and have it in there...all yuo need is a DJ and that place would be rockin 24/7
  11. who else is at work

    im guessing if they are not trust fund babies..they are prob strippers if they are chiks....or maybe its their day off also and they are probably thinkin the same about you...
  12. who else is at work

    all of us that sit in front of PC's all day we are screwing ourselves in the long run...all those damn neck/back problems that we are bringing upon ourselves...ppl back in the day that actually moved around and did manual labor were better off...they would stay active and ward off problems with neck/back pains that most of us will have to face.... FUCK WORK if it keeps up like this...im thinkin of jsut borrwoing a large sum of money from credit cards and banks..and move to the carribean...and never come back..live there like a king for about 15-20 yrs and die a happy man!
  13. who else is at work

    yep CP and craigslist help me get thru.....nah havent been to jeremeys...no tits n ass in there..only reason we go to nassau bar...the bartenders are nicer to look at and yapp with..rather watch tehm get me a drink instead of a drunk irishman...knwo what i mean...
  14. who else is at work

    Im in the Risk mngmnt IT division..yess wasting time is a must! cant have it no other way...got back from nassau bar a while ago..tanked..jsut tryin to stay composed the rest of the afternoon till i hitt up the afterwork spot...then im home free...goin back there tomm around 12-1230...helps me get thru the dreaded boredom that is my job!
  15. who else is at work

    AON aaah the competition..are you in risk mangaement?? thats the dept im in over at AIG..