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  1. Why are girls so fucking stupid????

    I know so many girls who do the same shit... there always seems to be that ONE guy that makes us turn stupid - but for real, that guy's a creep and she needs to get rid of him. She should eventually realize this on her own!! Just be supportive and a shoulder to cry on... the best relationships start off as friendships.
  2. a K question

    I agree... if you plan on dancing or even talking i dont think it's a good idea.
  3. tequilla joes

    I remember a few years back they had this dj on Fridays called Sycopath who used to play some phat music (too good for that place)- even tho the vibe in that place suked at least the music was good and all my friends were there. But I guess the music wasn't "guido friendly" enough and eventually he wasn't spinnin there anymore ... I actually tried to go back a few times but the music and croud was so unbearable that we just gave up.