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  1. Downloading Music

    No prob..... Actually I am at work right now. My mac is at home. Is there a MAC for dummies book, because I need it. I feel like a retard when I use it. I will try it and let you know.
  2. Downloading Music

    I have read the posts about soulseek. I was looking for information with people who use MAC's. keep the smart-ass comments to yourself Thanks
  3. Downloading Music

    I just bought a MAC and I am having trouble downloading WinMx, Kaaza and BearShare. Does anybody know which sharing software is best to use with a MAC. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. Wanted: TASTEFUL Schoolgirl Pics

  5. I plan on being there till they kick me out. It is my birthday as well so I plan to rawk the fawking house all night!!!!
  6. oceans 11

    Bernie Mac may be my new favorite comedian. "They should just call this game Whitejack". :laugh:
  7. My friends always tell me that when I roll, it looks like my face is sliding off. The past couple times I have sucked on and chewed the inside of my mouth so bad that it looks like I am saving nuts for the winter hibernation in the morning.
  8. Yankees Sign Giambi!!!!!!!

    He hasn't signed anything yet. The A's are counter offering so don't get your hopes up.
  9. LMAO! the man show!

    Half Naked chicks jumping on trampolines A ninety year old guy who can chug two beers in two seconds This show is great!!! I wish I saw the 12 yr-old kid selling the beer. I would love to be in the audience for this show.
  10. It seems like someone is realy insecure about themselves.
  11. Real World Casts

    So much for my spelling today. I meant to say poll not pool. oops...... That place would be ten times better if it did have a pool. Summary David------Dork Irene------Crazy Slut Ruthie-----Drunk
  12. Real World Casts

    I too met David and Irene at the Big Easy (aka Big Cheesy) in Boston. David looked like a complete fool dressed in a three piece suit trying to mac on the ladies. Irene hooked up with my friend on the upstairs level aaginst the pool by the DJ booth. It was pretty entertaining. She is as fucked up in real life as she was on the show. Very wierd girl. Also ran into Ruthie while in South Beach for New Years. She was a fucking puddle.
  13. Who Here Goes To Vinyl Friday Night?

    I am always there shaking my ass until I can't stand anymore. I try and get a little sleep and get there late just so I can here the final show Danny puts on. I don't think it is worth going so early if you can't stay til the end. Just my opinion........
  14. Graphic Design

    Is there a reason why there are no graphic design positions in New Jersey or the NYC??? I have searched almost every job search engine. Can anyone help????:worry2:
  15. Favorite Beer?

    Sierra Nevada!! I prefer it out of the tap, but then again who am I to complain......