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  1. Fuckin CP.....

    omg hi to you!
  2. uh...seriously? people really couldnt figure that out on their own?
  3. ...robert downey jr...

    tropic thunder sucked
  4. ...robert downey jr...

    ..he isnt gonna od! ...what a horrible thing to say.....he has been clean livin for a while hopefully he stays that way..... ...i adore him...
  5. No country comes out today....

    ..no but i wanna...also wanna see amazing grace...
  6. No country comes out today....

    watched goya's ghosts last night....really liked it ....
  7. Royal Caribbean Cruises

    ...yea thats very much how i remember coco cay....big bbq party on an island!
  8. Royal Caribbean Cruises

    ...i was in coco cay prob 10 years ago...had water sports...and people playing football volleyball on beach...etc...much more activity than other cruise stops i've been to... ...my fam only travels rccl...my mom is a travel agent...my parents have been on prob every ship rc has...seriously ..they go often
  9. Where has Cookie been?

    ..yea my parents were on rccl...but they left on sat from fla to pr....i thought maybe we had some 6 degrees of sep going on!
  10. Where has Cookie been?

    ..wait...were u on royal carribean freedom of the seas...
  11. Epithets For Straights

    ..this thread is awful..
  12. This made me laugh so hard!

    i love ellen.
  13. The Slider Survey

    ....this one isnt that long...and it didnt require term paper length answers.....so u got it...
  14. The Slider Survey

    1-How old are you? You can be vague or as exact as you like. What state or city do you call home? Do you speak any languages other than English? ....26....north jersey....pig latin and ob 2-Are you in school or college; what is or what was your major? What is your career, or goal for a career? hair 3-Are you married? Do you have any children, and if so, how old? nah 4-Who were your childhood heroes or role models? ..the thundercats... 5-What fictional film or TV characters do you vaguely or largely resemble in appearance and/or personality? ...im told kate beckinsale quite often....as far as personality..i dont know usually whoever is the man's best friend smart ass gross comment character in any show or movie 6-What is the origin, reason, or meaning of your user name. Why did you choose it? nickname.... 7-Why do you frequent these boards? What do you get out of it; and what do you hope to give to others? ...cause im just that bored 8-At the end of your physical life, what do you most expect or hope to be remembered by, by those outside of close family and friends? And, what message do you want inscribed on your tombstone? .....im sure ill be remembered for my humor....and im sure by the time i die ill have thought of something really fucking funny to carve into that slate.. 9-If you could contribute one aspect of yourself to all of humanity, what would it be? ....i dont know what that even means.....i have really pretty hair so if all of humanity could be blessed with that the world would be a better place lol 10-If a book or movie were to be made about your life, what would you have it called? ...yes...i just said that 11-If you could figuratively “consume†or absorb three people to gain or understand their particular knowledge, experiences, attitudes, and insights, who would they be and why? john waters...drew barrymore...ava gardner 12-What do you like better: Twice as good but half as long, or half as good but twice as long? twice as good...always 13-If you could be any person in the world for one week to experience an aspect of their life, at any given time in history or the present, who would it be and why (not friends or loved ones)? .....i dont like picking just one of anything ..its very hard for me! ....im gonna say ..no..im not gonna say ...i cant decide 14- Do you think that other posters see in your messages a real indication of your actual personality, an extension of it, an alternate identity or alter ego, or an aspect of who you wish you really were? ...its me...110%.... 15-You find a genie in a bottle, who grants you three wishes. Not world peace, or an end to poverty, or health for yourself and family, but three things of pleasure for yourself to occur over the course of three seperate days; one thing per day. What will you wish for (can’t use 3 more wishes.)? ...a winning lottery ticket...for an obscene amount of money ..none of that 1 mil boococka .....an engagement ring and the man who comes along with it obvi.. ....a reservation for an african safari..
  15. No country comes out today....

    ..im hoping that the hype is correct