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    I'm half the age I feel, twice the age I think, three times the age I act. Born and raised on Long Island; have been a writer, an artist, a photographer, a salesman, and a retail manager. Basically I'm an overall artist, but an otherwise boring mofo.
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    Writing stories, poems, song lyrics; photography, art, Sea Doo riding, building massive cityscapes with Lego
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    Health, life, and annuities.
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    Shaken, not stirred.

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  1. This is the third thread I'm now congratulating you in Cookie. Seems you're doing really well in life. Congratulations to ya both!
  2. Good work kiddo. I knew you were gonna do it.
  3. ^ Is embarking on a new journey in life. Mazel tov!
  4. Testing, testing. Can you see this, nitwit?

  5. I actually prefer natural air, and like to kick open my driver side window and my right rear window, which creates a cross ventilation through the car. I dig that better than the AC. Who do I look more like, Dave Atell or Howie Mandell?
  6. ^ Must have some serious stock in fancy sneakers. ^ Hasn't added me to her MySpace because apparently I'm too old.
  7. ^ Has done better than me in the insurance field.
  8. ^ When she skipped school one day she got detention for playing Cookie Hookie. On her first day at her new job (when she moved to Florida), Cookie was a rookie. And when Stymie gets some, he gets Cookie Nookie.
  9. I lived in Chattanooga for almost 2 years, and it was gorgeous up there. It was known as the land above the clouds, and it was truly God's country there. And most people there were friendlier and kinder to others than any I've met anywhere else. Good memories there, good memories.
  10. Winter...in Florida Florida, or California?
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