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  1. This thread was great
  2. Hi handsome! How are things? How's the wife? Say hello!
  3. And a Merry Christmas !
  4. I wish we all started posting again - still plenty of down time at work and now with smart phones can post anywhere !
  5. Lol I miss everyone too
  6. damnnn bxbomb and Ronin...long time...hope you are well - SmokeSum
  7. I haven't been out in well over a year - last party was Jody wisternoff at le Poisson rouge - so hard to fit it into the schedule - almost went out few weeks ago to pachita but a friend bailed on me - the club scene sucks compared to our heyday though
  8. Very good can't complain .. Yourself ??? Wow haven't seen you in like 10 years !
  9. I miss everyone - figures the last person I met offline was Fred Wilson lol he owes me a drink
  10. I miss that Elaine avatar !
  11. i heard he became a body builder Also if everyone would stick around and not do these drive by postings, we'd get this place poppin in no time
  12. No Evan managed to get rid of them once he got his girl's back