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  1. I used to pass my work day on this Board having all kinds of fun. Moved on after the various cliques started their own Boards. Lost interest. I must've had at least 5 to 10 different aliases and numerous imposters, LOL. Fun times indeed. From time to time I reminisce with big grin on my face.
  2. Where the fuck is B2B that blimey Brit? Come on you fucks I leave tomorrow and have a bit of time to kill. Instead of shoving my posts around lighten up a bit and post something funny people. Where the fuck is everyone? Is bigpoppy the only one left? I see you Jimmy Crakcorn. It's not even like I am asking for a 'welcome back bungee' post.
  3. I see dAve moved my hemmorrhroids post to D R A M A. Back after a year overseas to find; dAve actually doing his job of moderating.. davE having no sense of humor... people reporting my posts to the Mods.. people with no shitty sense of humor.. CP full of uptight clubbers.. I see Crystalmethod is still kicking.. hey crystal, still popping?
  4. @@holy [email protected]@

    Why you sonsofbitches. This is serious I am down to my last suppository. I actually got the last one in before it melted but I fucking accidentally farted it back out. Anybody got any ancient chinese secret remedies?
  5. Got this nasty case of the shitty hemmorrhoids, tried shoving this fucking plastic suppository up my butt and the shitty little thing melted in my hand just like those retarded M&Ms. Fuck this heat hope it rains and soon. I needs some shitty advice from some of yous. What do you all do for those burning sensations? And don't tell me to scratch, been doing that all day and these fucking tourists all they do is stand and watch me scratch my butt and whispering to themselves fucking tourists.
  6. Fucking Sonsofbitches

    Wanna know how sad it is? Saw some poor fuckers jumping from the upper floors.
  7. Work down here bout 4 blocks from WTC fucking war zone here. Came outta train at Brooklyn bridge saw both towers on fire. Shit collapsed, now stuck in this fucking building for awhile. Anybody else besides me saw this down here?
  8. mugwump a HYPOCRITE!!!!!

    Puppets are evil I tell ya.
  9. mugwump a HYPOCRITE!!!!!

    Were there books in that bookcase? Is the fan alright?
  10. mugwump a HYPOCRITE!!!!!

    How come my Ex GFs don't come on here cussing me out like that?
  11. mugwump a HYPOCRITE!!!!!

    Go sit in the corner Mugsz.
  12. Pubes or No Pubes

    I like digging for my hidden treasure.
  13. ***World Cup games this saturday***

    NEVADA SMITH over on 3rd Avenue and between 11th & 12th st right next to Webster Hall and that Movie Theatre. Cool place to hang, beers are mad cheap and decent screens.