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  1. my set available for d/l

    Fix the link or lemme know where I can do d/l it. Haven't heard anything good dince labor day and that wasnt enuff
  2. Cessna

    is it Cessna? or Sessa? If its Sessa it hot tursday and sat. Ive been on a sat it was backed with good looking girls everywhere. The only thing that sucked was that there is no dancefloor. Its like a big lounge.
  3. Message to Deep Dish

    but u cant get wrecked at vinyl. Oh excuse me i mean arc...I guess u cant have your k and eat it too.
  4. Message to Deep Dish

    They did suck but they weren't on their game. They were in Vegas on fri and I think Space on Sat.
  5. Cpi - Deep Dish Review!

    I love deep dish and their set was weak. I dont think the system was on full blast and the crowd sucked. It was definitley phat when they played white stripes but it wasn't like he lead up to it he just dropped it. It was far from siiiiick. I've heard them spin sets at Vinyl and Space and even at Brazil that were on a completely different level.
  6. Unfortunately it rains almost every year on MDW. At the same time I dont think these people have a fuckin clue a week before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. Jersey shore - memorial day weekend

    I know alot of kids stay at the Aztec which has the Bamboo bar in it which is prettycool. I actually have a room for fri, sat ans sun that I am going to lose the deposit on if ur interested. it is a poolisde room 210 per night two double beds
  8. Matt speaks the truth. CPI had like 30 people there on more than one occasion when I was there last year including mem day weekend. But I'm still pysched for Deep Dish I hope I m not dissappointed
  9. Line up for vegas Mem day?

    Im pretty sure Deep Dish just got booked for fri night i dont know where. I think Danny is there and most likely skribble and Boris. Def skribble at RA sat nite
  10. Need a room for MDW. nothing great but at the same time not a dilapidated shit hole. thanks in advance
  11. ibiza advice

    yo, get a flight or go to alicante, Spain. From there you can go to denia, which is about a 2 hour train ride away, and get a 4 hour long ferry ride from there. I went to Ibiza twice from denia, and you can definitely just show up and find a place. If you are worried try booking something from alicante. Sun. morning-Space Mon. night-Manumission at Privelege!!!
  12. is there truth to the rumor about Space in South Hampton or Hamptons in general?
  13. SF

    Factory was hot sat night sweet surrender, w/o you. Need song ID bad. He played it for the five o clock show.