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  1. Club Stereo (33rd St) Closing?

    It's just a matter of time before a good thing comes to an end.
  2. i guess u can officially call this board dead

    Def....I havent posted on here in years. Just decided today to come back and see whats going on. Looks like its time to retire Teknojunkee. Anyone know how to delete an account?
  3. Totalled the Impreza...Whats next?

    Stupidity. Dont know how I walked out of it. Id show pictures but the INS. company wouldnt let me take any (at least 'til the investigation is done.)
  4. This sucks. I couldnt stand to get rid of this car and now I have ruined it. Im gonna part it out and sell everything. Time for the next project. Looking into: G35 S4 STi or.....shhhh....C32 AMG
  5. Clubs in Portugal???

    Kadoc and Kremlin are def's to check out. And as was said -Lux is you really wanna hear the good shit. In Algarve - ALbufeira try Kiss and def. hit up Rua dos Bars. It will be the craziest drinking night you will ever have and you bounce back and forth between all these club/bars. Best part? Everyone speaks english cause its all foreigner's. Have a good time. Enjoy Portugal. Unfortunately I will be missing this year at home.
  6. Minimal tech

    Depends on the song and the mood really. But when its right...its soooo good. Just flows. Its gets into you. You just feel it running through you, softly.
  7. Videos from Jonathan Peters

    (to break the sarcasm and un-needed posts) Glad you had a great time. People on here tend to believe that it is impossible to have a good time at a JP Party, that people have different musical tastes OR they just have nothing better to do with their lives but bash on every JP thread that pops up, thus creating even more popularity for the man because everyone wants to see why "JP sucks" as they claim.
  8. Newarks on Fire this Weekend! Portugal Festival!!

    6 years strong but I will be missing saturday this year. I will be down for sunday though.
  9. I will not be attending for the sole reason of what a madhouse it will become. I just cant see myself having a good time stuck like a sardine with all those people on that deck and I am not about to restrict myself to staying in one area. I love to walk around. So unfortunately, I wont be attending. But take vids!! I at least wanna hear/see it.
  10. For Sale: 2001.5 audi s4

    How much and pics please.
  11. Liebing reviews

    Im a JP fan and think JP can work a track when he wants, but you cannot compare to Liebing. He is incredible. The man is Techno. I was always into the harder stuff out of all my friends. The harder the better.
  12. Liebing reviews

    I hate when these parties are on fridays...GRRR!! I have work saturdays at 6am. Glad to hear they ripped it though. Liebing is the man. Cannot wait 'til I can make a party to hear him again.
  13. That is just absurd. WTF is that. And what is he 13 years old. And then they wonder why people knock on them.
  14. Tavern Str8 to 'tunes...Cant wait. Finally can hear someone rock that deck!