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    Clubbing, spinning/mixing, walking NYC for hours, swimming and blasting Nine Inch Nails, Sasha and Digweed, and Oakenfold
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  1. Howells Meet up

    Is there a liquor licence at Vinyl? And what's the age limit?
  2. The Ultimate DJ Poll

    I didn't forget anybody. And if you want to be technical....favorite...best...whatever...they still aren't mainstream. And as for not writing the names you supplied....I did end my list with "etc...etc" which means it keeps on going. Squash the drama? I didn't think there was any, just my opinion. But thank you for reminding me why I don't enjoy posting on this board...anytime someone posts an opinion that differs from the population, it's regarded as drama. That kind of thinking is narrow minded and obtuse. Now it's squashed. Peace!
  3. The Ultimate DJ Poll

    I wasn't aware that these are mainstream DJ's. I think this poll needs to be re-worked. Tenaglia, Sasha, Diggers, Howells, Lawler, Kleinenberg, Hawtin, Wink, Seaman, Emerson, Debo, Ashley Casselle, D:Fuse, Cass, DJ Dan, Deep Dish, Humate, Aquaviva, Pappa, Jimmy Van M, Sean Cusick, Garniet, Mixmaster Mike, Lawrence, Scott Henry, DJ Icey, DJ Rap, Odi, Futureshock, Danny Rampling, Nick Warren, Carl Cox, Max Graham, Charles Feelgood, Jody Wisternoff, Lee Burridge, Tony De Vit, Fergie, Lisa Loud, Lisa Lashes, Creamer, Maas, Lucian Foort, DJ Craze ...etc...etc.... That's what an "Ultimate DJ poll" would resemble. And besides with all the genres out there, it's impossible to say who's best. You're telling me Icey would be better than say Pappa? How can that be? Howells doesn't do breaks and big beat and vice versa. And none of these mofos are mainstream. Like someone said before...mainstream= commercial. Only Oakie's been on MTV...and we all know he sucks ass anyhow.
  4. you're so twisted

    That track is just plain sick. I wish I could find it on vinyl. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  5. I just got the new mixmag last night and I loaded the cd into my player as soon as i left the shop. Damn it's sweet. You guys are right, that VanM track is nuts. Track 5 is nice too. I think it's loose caboose. I also got the new Essential Mix by Tong. Not bad. It's definately one you could smoke too. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  6. How long does the demo need to be? I have a tape that's about 2 hours in length. Is this open to DJs where this may turn out to be a first gig for them? Just want to know if experience is required. I spin Deep Trance & House, Progessive, and I try and mix up some tribal too. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  7. I've already met ReginaP and had a blast with her at S&D (for my 1st time there) and I went to DT's record release party with her. Regina!!!!! Where've you been? You don't write no more. I wouldn't mind meeting anyone from the board. Who's up for a meet up of new faces at Nick Warren? ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  8. Hard to get vinyl

    I was on the GU board the other night and peeps were talking about Hide U and Love in Traffic being avaiable...are either of these tracks avaiable on vinyl? I'd love to know so I could order them. Any help would be appreciated. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  9. wax or Cd? what do you prefer to spin?

    As a DJ just starting out in the last year, I prefer wax. It allows a DJ to show their skill as a mixer and properly manipulate the record and table. Using CD, takes alot of fun out of it. But if there's an unrealesed track that the only way to use it is by burning it onto CD, then use a cd occasionally. Wax is the best to use in my opinion. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  10. Nick warren 03/23/01 TWILO!!

    I can't wait for the Warren and Sander. Then S&D and then the tag team of the fucking year....DT and Diggers....This is going to be an intense few weeks of Twilo. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  11. What do you do when not clubbing?

    Let's see during the week I'm a 1st Grade teacher. At nights and weekends...a fledging DJ Summers...Network programmer and a web administrator...hopefully to be replaced by a summer job as a DJ. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  12. Limelight tonight?

    Wow and they say that the board isn't the same as it used to be....this has got to be one of those posts that shows that. Dumb bitch. ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  13. Limelight tonight?

    What is the deal for tonight, who's at limelight? Is there anything going on there that'll be worth it? ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  14. Digweed is awesome!!!!!

    Just got in from Diggers' bash and let me tell you all something...fucking un believable. The man totally remixes the song as he works. I've never seen such a calmer person at the decks. I watched him from the speaker mix 2 records for the entire 6 minutes they played. Perfectly! Met some cool peeps. Dude named Tim and his boys MArco and Dave. Real friendly. Yo I'm sorry we didn't get to smoke that J...maybe at Warren. some fly woman Michelle who I get the impression was not happy with her man. Michelle if you read this post...I'm the dude that you met with Jenn and Mike at the steps next to the back bar. Drop me an email. And the CD sampler they gave out was fucking awesome. Another pheneomenal night at Twilo and John Digweed raped that sound system! ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)
  15. who is your favorite painter ?

    Van Gough is my all time favortie For photography (Yes I know off topic) it's Ansel Adams and back to painting...my 1st grade students...I wish I could paint and create like a 6 year old who doesn't have a care in the world and has a mind so free it's almost confounding what they do ------------------ Double-Down [*] [email protected] The Crow (The original graphic novel)