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  1. Zionism And Its Impact

    bro...don't even bother. it's clear this guy will hold his position(s) till death. it's pointless to even argue.
  2. Guess who's ahead of Bush now

    guess who was kicking ass up until 2 weeks prior to Iowa...HOWARD DEAN. we got a loooong ways to go.
  3. 250 dead in Haj/saudi arabia

    unfortunately, that's the mentality many liberals in this country hold. it's like that whole "bully in the schoolyard" syndrome. if you hit him back, he'll only get more pissed. so what are you gonna do, sit there and take it? go tell the prinicipal on him (in this case the principal is the UN)? guess what...ultimately, the principal CAN'T DO SHIT. you gotta take care of your own business like a man.
  4. 250 dead in Haj/saudi arabia

    oh yes...terrorist attacks. IDF looking for terrorists who hide out in civilian homes is "terrorism". you watch too much BBC and CNN.
  5. 250 dead in Haj/saudi arabia

    ever hear of right of return. and they didn't "displace" anyone. they lived side by side in the beginning until the Palst. decided that they wanted it all for themselves.
  6. No More Naughtybooth?!

    all that other stuff doesnt give the reason why NB closed down. it was just that one paragraph which explained it.
  7. interesting

    is the star wars system that Reagan put up in space...STILL UP IN SPACE. cause it looks like we might need it.
  8. 250 dead in Haj/saudi arabia

    wtf are you talking about. zionists are merely people who believe in Jews having their own state, namely Israel. and that being the case, i'm a zionist. you've smoked one too many hookahs my friend.
  9. NYPD: Police Shooting Of Unarmed Teen Was Unjustified

    stop bitching cuz you got arrested for an unpaid parking ticket on Monday sweeps . :laugh: ps I'M IN 10,000 SHARES. AAAAAHHH!!! IT'S TANKING AAAAHHH!!
  10. Bush's support for the troops

    nah...at least the terrorists will be happy when Israel is no more.
  11. A Cool Republican

    normal...your signature is sickening. you need serious help.
  12. Palestinians 'reduced to begging'

    completely true. my uncle was doing business in Bahrain, so he wanted a new passport,cuz his had Israel stamped on it. but he didn't want to wait till it expired. so he changed his last name, to obtain a new one.
  13. No More Naughtybooth?!

    from Ryanbros.com: "...It turns out that McConnel has been feuding with his partner Oona since almost the beginning. The disagreement had become increasingly bitter, with law suits threatened, and the possibility of compromise lost somewhere along the way. McConnel who has done all of the programming work and paid the hosting bills felt he had no choice but to shut the site down. “I’ve been handcuffed,†he said recently. But he plans to start all over again..."