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  1. Mine is MIA! I need to find someone that is great with free hand and color! Any suggestions????
  2. Finally its all set

  3. YOU KNOW IT GORGIE BOY! I guess its a good thing for you that I am working!! A nice Jewish girl at the front representing!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. so I started a new diet

    The dirty stayout till all hours diet works. Just stick to what you are doing and you will be ready in no time at all!! Oh, wait maybe that's ready for Betty Ford :laugh: Same shit!!!
  5. Well Beth is here right now and she doesn't miss you!!! HA HA, she will be filling in for me in 3 weeks so you can count the days and hours until the "nice" sister is there!! FU!!!! See you next week sucker!
  6. Can we say way too much time on our hands to go and find that picture!!! :blah:
  7. Good Luck getting past me!!!!!!!!!!
  8. They said on the news it is a new form of crack and meth. It is made with some chemical and battery acid? I know someone who got caught by the FBI manufacturing and distriubuting it and is in deep shit!! I just don't know anything about it and wanted some info. Thanks!
  9. Vicodin

    My doctors had me addicited to oxycontin because of a bad back. A very high dose at that, let me tell you, getting off of it was not fun!!! SO just be careful in your fun....
  10. The Ossbournes

    I was laughing my ass off!! I love it!!!
  11. Need some info on Philly

    Hello everyone! I live in the NYC area currently and will be working in Philly for a while starting next week. I will be staying there a few nights a week and wanted to get some info on shopping, resturants, hair salons, bars, club, etc. Basically I need a lot of info!! Please PM me and give me the inside scoop on your city. I will be working on 15th and Walnut. Thanks so much for your help, Fran
  12. World Saturdayz SUCKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have worked at World since day one. All I can say is that these promoters are new working there and it was not like this at all last year! Now, I just work there so don't shoot me! I don't necessarily hang out there. I think it is sad that these promoters have this reputation. I have worked at almost every club in NYC over the years and don't really know these people. I have never seen so many UNHAPPY patrons and I think it is sad!
  13. world sux ass

    Well, I am one of the snotty bitches you would be reffering to. Why don't you cry to clubplanet and not me. I don't work for CP and have nothing to do with what they may promise you. Can you read? It says free BEFORE 12!!! It isn't my fault that you need CP to get into a club free. Some of us don't have to pay to get into places. Too bad!!!!
  14. I am selling tickets. If you are interested please PM me. Tickets are $45. It is 18 and over. Doors open at midnight.