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  1. Armani & Ghost - Airport

  2. Track Id From 2002

    VIOLINS.. not what i was talkin about... Im hopin MANGOS has the right ID... the one with the VIOLINS is NOT the 'work this pussy' track I'm lookin for from Tronco.
  3. I'm looking for the tamperer with the

    I have the regular 12'' version... ond it has the screamin it
  4. Track Id From 2002

    MANGOS ON THE ID.. whats up dude.. ... I used to love when he played that shit... U HAVE THAT?
  5. Joe Buttons-Fired Up

    what is wrong with white boys?..
  6. ATTN: spinninrecords

    www.robbietronco.com HOWEVER IT IS UNDER CONSTUCTION.. SORRY!
  7. 'LOADED' Friday's is a night of House music! this weeks dj's- Bombay (House,Tribal,Progressive) Justin Thomas (Progressive, Breakz) Salomon (Progressive) 4726 PENN AVENUE, SINKING SPRING PA 610-678-9847 For Detail! FLYER TO COME ASAP! 9:30PM - 2:00AM NEXT FRIDAY WATCH OUT FOR DJ CONQUEST!
  8. Track Id From 2002

    Even his website.. says that when you click ANY button... Hes uses that in soooooo many songs.. mostly sampled.. done live.. I know theres one song he's been playing for a couple years that keeps repeating that over and over.. drops out.. and slams back into sayin it again.over and over.. but I could never find out what the hell it was either.. Sick!
  9. Joe Buttons-Fired Up

    believe its simply called 'Fire' I saw a 'green lantern remix'... uses ACC & classic beat.. kinda cool.. but the original is where its at for me!
  10. Dougie Freshs' new show

  11. Give Me Just One Night....

    Would be the best dirt I ever ate... She is sluch a littel slut.. I love that..
  12. beenie segal and jada...

    LOL>. could not have said it better myself..
  13. Give me dat donkey Butt and them big ol' Legs!

    Thanks for me not havin to 'BUMP' this tread..
  14. Erykah Badu 'Danger'

    its not bad.