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  1. It makes me so happy to see how nobody posts here anymore. Even I "sold out" to another crappy board but at least it has action on it. CP is run by a bunch of clowns and its amazing that it actually generates a ton of money from advertisers off its reputation. Your welcome for my years of posts and thanks again for not giving me shit in return. hugs, thesandman (whatcha gonna do, ban me? FU)
  2. I would do the world a favor and drive straight through the long lines at the Trop Pub, Djais, and I would take a bazooka to Bar A and get "yuppie kill bonus points"
  3. Studio 4

    in the meantime Ill continue to sit home every weekend and watch 90210 reruns...
  4. NJ Promoter Says to the DJ:

    I don't remember my motivation to put this post up 2-3 years ago... I put up much better material in my cp career than this one... Tooch won't play hip-hop but he can freestyle on the mic like Eminem.... lol
  5. BORIS Reviews!

    yes, and its not worth explaining myself to all 6 ass clowns that post here.
  6. BORIS Reviews!

    Nobody has been playing as well as Boris in NYC for the past 2 years. case closed
  7. R.I.P Zee

    We will all miss her, she was a sweetheart and really knew how to make people laugh.
  8. Studio 4

    There still is no set date for the reopening.
  9. facades in nanuet is..........

    yep, I remember the glass dance floor. The rumor was the owner was brothers with the police chief and thats how they got away with serving underagers for so long.
  10. facades in nanuet is..........

    I got served there when I was 17 too... and that was in 1991!
  11. carl cox and dt at pacha...eh

    congrats on your first residency... the CP Clown as for a pitiful life, I am willing to bet my house (I own one, do you?) that you can't come close to me in any catagory. If you could, you wouldn't spend so much time pitching your assinine ideas here daily.
  12. carl cox and dt at pacha...eh

    Silverbull has my respect, he goes out sober and just loves this shit. Thats fine, I'm on the other end of the fence drinking like a fish when I go out. Why someone as knowledgeable as Silverbull wastes his time on the idiots on this site will always baffle me? Rayray will not be given Industry status by myself or my pannel. He is with out a doubt the biggest "post clown" in cp history. I can bash him all I want but hes the only reason that I even check this site for a laugh. I just have too much free time some days...lol
  13. This is a great post. Almost like a recruitment thing... only problem is you greatly over estimate what club planet can do. There are 20 clowns that post here daily. 20 people make up less than 1% of any decent sized club crowd. And please spare me the "industry people read this" rap.... keep wasting your time... Ill continue to go hear Boris and be close minded.
  14. Attn Everyone!!!!!