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  1. any1 in college?

    SUNY Stony Brook
  2. Staten Island Boys

    Couldn't have said it better myself! Yumm!

    I drive a white '95 Honda prelude. It's pretty phat but I really want to get a new celica. I'm still praying and saving!
  4. Atten:ROMEO

    Thanks Romeo *muah* BEBE is my favorite store!!! Blackhaus1 did you go to Walt Whitman High? One of my friends went there. If you did what year did you graduate?
  5. Atten:ROMEO

    Romeo, I'm exit 63 off the LIE. Youre way out east huh? Visionz53, your right off of rt110. My friend lives off that exit in Huntington. It's nice to know that some people on this board live on the island.
  6. Atten:ROMEO

    Where in suffolk LI do you live? I live in suffolk LI too!
  7. What's with this Weather?????

    Seriously, this weather is depressing. I'm tanner in the damn winter than I am now!
  8. Whats Your Favorite Song Out Right Now?

    I'm totally in love with "I turn to You" by that sporty ex-spice. It's the shit. But I also love that opera/trance mix. I don't know the name of it but it's some chick singing opera in a different language. It sounds sick in the clubs!
  9. Everyone, everyday must say to themselves, "I wish that....(blah blah). So I was just curious to know what you guys would wish for if you were granted one wish?? (ps. and no wishing for more wishes!:-P)
  10. a BOOK you MUST read!!!!

    I must say that I'm not a big reader but if I begin to read a book the first page has to keep me interested..(I'm the impatient and bored-easily type) However two books that I recommend highly, especially to the ladies, are "Memoirs of a Gesiha" and "Summer Sisters" These are the kind of books that once you read the first line, you can't put them down. They were so awesome!!!! I'm reading "Memoirs" again because I loved it so damn much!
  11. where does everyone............

    I'm a sophmore at SUNY Stony Brook!
  12. Where ya from?

    I'm from Strong Island-baby yeah!!!!!!!!
  13. Where ya from?

    I live on Strong Island-baby yeah!!!!!!!!
  14. NY girls are not likable??

    NY girls are the best around- strong-willed, independent and highly respected. We know how to WORK IT and represent the female race across the whole world, so every lady out there should be proud of the chix in NYC!!
  15. just curious how old is everyone?

    Hi! I just turned 19:-) Hey Eggmok, your going to Exit on Sat? Me too! I go like every Sat. I love the scene!