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  1. Edgar V. This Friday @ Oxygen

    I will def. be there... I am coming from Boston and am a HUGE Edgar V fan!!! Can anyone give me details abou tthe place? Dress code, where the club is, how late it is open? Thanks for any help guys and gals!!!
  2. Miami Feb. 7th -15th

    I am a fan of Edgar V...is he spinning anywhere that week?
  3. Miami Feb. 7th -15th

    What's up everyone, my name is TUT from Boston and my girl and I will be celebrating our first valentine's week Miami style...what do we got going on during the week in Miami for us? Any help would be greatly appreciated...I noticed Steve Lawler will be at Space on the 8th....Thanks in advance! PEACE!
  4. I will be there for WAXMAN..I would love to party it up with some of the members here..I am from out of town(Boston) and was wondering to who would be going? Maybe a meetup? Let me know!!! Tut
  5. What is "Rapture"

    Rapture has been playing since mid summer in Boston...I love the Deep Dish mix but it is getting played out big time around here..I just heard the new Armin Van Buren mix and it is nasty..def. check it out!!!Nobody is playing that mis in the clubs here in Boston! PEACE! Tut
  6. Foxy..I too am from Mass (Worcester) and will be in South Beach..I am going to see Dave Waxman at Liquid, also Saeed and Palash are at Living Room and George Acosta is at Level... Level $75 Living Room $50 Liquid ??-Free to board members just go to the Miami forum and pm liquidclubowner..ask to be put on the clubplanet guestlist. Hope this helps!!! Tut
  7. Hello Peeps

    I just wanted to come on and say what up to you all..Me and my girl are celebrating our 1 year anniversary and New Years..We will be at Level for New Years but am also wondering what clubs, lounges bars whatever are best to go to. I will be arriving the 29th and am leaving the 3rd.... Any sort of feed back would be much appreciated. Let me know if any of you will be at Level..I spoke with George Acosta last Friday when he was here in Boston spinning and he told me Level will be open until 7 a.m....so hopefully if any of you are there we could meet-up and ring in the new year Miami style!!! PEACE!
  8. Boston invades Miami

    What up everyone!!! My girlfriend and I are heading to MIami for New Year's and am wondering what clubs are best to check out on what nights. We will be down from the 29th-3rd. I am a huge Acosta fan and he was in Boston a couple weeks ago and he told me about Level on New Year's. So they may be a possibility but want to know what else is going on! Any info would be great and I am counting the days to get out of this shitty weather and rip it up down south! Thanks! Peace, Tut:D
  9. I too thought JP was insane..I went to World first which I thought was kindof shitty..hearing sandstorm?WTF!SF was crazy crowded but I'm from Mass and wasn't gonna let that ruin my night..no no no!!! I stayed until 4pm thinking when JP turned on the lights, it was over...man was I pissed to learn that he kept on playing until 545..I wanted to close it out so bad and I was sober the whole night too!! I wish I could of met some of you..oh well maybe the 17th for V-Day party..making my 2nd trip up to NYC...PEACE!
  10. I would love to meet any of you who are willing to do a meet-up..I'm from Boston and this will be only my second time to SF...I wanna make it the best time ever so whatta say? I have a bulldog on my left arm with my name TUT..if you see me come say hi!PEACE! Hope to meet some you!!
  11. TUT will be in da house..$40-$50-whatever...I haven't been to NYC in over a year..counting the hours down..see you all there...
  12. World Sat. Night

    I'm chill with Apo.you know his cousin Arthur? He will be joining me and lady friends at World then SF...
  13. WORLD Saturday

    I will be at world on the 27th then over to JP's B-day bas at SF....see you all there!
  14. World Sat. Night

    Vision..who do you know from beantow-Worc. area?
  15. World Sat. Night

    There is a crew of us going..I'll be with my girlfriend and her two girlfriends...counting the days down...I hope to meet some of you there..PEACE!