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  1. Vinyl Sux

    you sorta forgot to mention the number one aspect of going to a club... the MUSIC... if you're looking for those other reasons that you listed... then yeah... you don't belong at Vinyl anyway. Also, i'm sorry you had to pay the TREMENDOUS cover charge of $20! as far as i know, they DO except the clubplanet guestlist cuz i've used it before... but if they changed that... i'd like to apologize on behalf of the club for the inconvenience. Something neither I nor ANYONE else will apologize for is your stupidity on how mad you were on how "they let anyone in". That was just a stupid thing for you to say. Not everyone is a supermodel like you, or has the same taste in dress as you, nor can we all shop at A&F or BR or AX...sometimes... we wanna go SO bad... and underwear is the only thing that we have left cuz SUNDAY is laundry day. Sometimes, we get "lucky" and it's the underwear party at SF... but we wouldn't go there anyway, cuz there are people like you there. So have fun listening to your BANGBANGBANGBANG at EXIT and SF, enjoy your string swining, have hours and hours of fun staring at the pretty lights.
  2. Tenaglia in VEGAS?

    I heard that Tenalglia was supposed to spin in Vegas on Labor Day weekend... but that the club that he was supposed to spin was closed down recently. Does anyone know what's going on with this? Confirm or Denied? Would be helpful. Thanx in advance.
  3. vegas

    i heard that danny tenaglia was supposed to spin at a club called c2a in vegas on labor day weekend... but that the club was recently closed down.... can anyone from teh area confirm or deny this rumor for me please? thanx in advance
  4. dress code @ S.F.???

    Paris doens't work the door on FRIDAY
  5. The REAL story with EXIT

    junior will never spin at exit...
  6. Creamfields Need Info

    www.creamfields.com as for an alternative... i'm not sure of anything elese big going on that nite... but it'd have to be something pretty big... like PVD spinning for free, while Oakenfold does the Juice Head dance at the Grand Re-Opening of Twilo... so yeah... you get my point... hard to compete...
  7. Please read and sign...

    shouldn't this be entitled the ANTI-ANTI-RAVE LAW? i definitely support the cause... but i'd really rather not sign something called the Anti-Rave Law. :confused:
  8. Just ate lunch w/ Tino Martinez..

    I ate lunch of Harvey Wallnuts once... (well, at least in the same sense as PFloyd did with Tino)... he talks the same as he does on the show (The Soprano's for those of you who don't know who i'm talking about) It was in Jersey at some country club... seems like a nice guy... surrounded by eye-talians all over... not too far from the character he is on the show...
  9. Official Pictures from ICE Bar: 7/6/01!

    i'm confused about something... i haven't been around for a while... and my question is... "sarahkim" ISN'T a KOREAN girl? haha... woah... looking at those pictures, i was like... wait... i see sarahKIM yet i see no Asian person in this picture... i'm confused.... you prob hear this a lot... just a little surprised is all... ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...
  10. no more CP guestlist for Twilo!?

    thanx for the info dan! much appreaciated ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...
  11. When did this happen? I just went to sign up for the <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/guestlists/" TARGET="_blank"> guestlist</A> for Twilo tonite and it's not listed anymore... When did this happen? ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...
  12. Twilo's Rules In Effect

    I don't want to mention names or anything... I'm pretty close with a few of the bouncers at Twilo... However, the last time I was there... I was sitting down when my friend came up to me and asks me for money to buy a drink... as I was handing him money, I noticed one of the bouncers that I was "friends" with, giving me the evil eye... I couldn't believe it! I know that he's not usually like that... My theory is this... it's the mayor giving TB shit, it's TB giving the head bouncer shit... and it's the head bouncer giving the guys below him A LOT of shit... i HATE that head bouncer... he's SUCH an a-hole... You don't know how many times that guy's said "don't worry about it" when I've asked him a valid question. WTH type of answer is that? He just LOVES bossing people around... now THAT guy's on a power trip... i feel that everyone else is just following orders... ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...

    actually, this is the 4th rate cut in a row... it's taken A LOT for it to pick up... ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...
  14. It helps me to open up to other people easier. It makes me more aware of my senses and thus the music "feels" better, both physically and mentally. ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...
  15. IS THERE................

    yes ------------------ The Wheels on the BUS go Round and Round...