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  1. Rick James Found Dead

  2. What to take instead of Ripped Fuel?

    wears off too quick and the crack dealers aren't as nice to deal with as the gnc people...
  3. I used to take Ripped/Diet Fuel before going for energy and lngevity (partying that is). They don't really do it for me anymore. Anyone have other suggestions? The energy boost is really necessary and I am not into Red Bull, etc. Thanks.
  4. First time taking Crack . . .

    Responsible crack use?!
  5. Can anyone let me know what the scene is like a good places to go? What is the deal with Bridgeview? Have heard it is a bit like Neptunes (which I can't imagine). Any info would be great on the entire area.
  6. Carnival in Rio...

    Anyone ever been? Looking to go this Feb/March. Any advice on where to stay?
  7. Club Seven in Westhampton

    Did you guys end up goinhg? How was it?
  8. question for FDNY

    I have heard numerous accounts be people all saying the same thing: "I can't believe they were going up and in when we were all going down and out!" No, they weren't stupid. They were and are brave beyond anything you could comprehend. As for the collapse, I don't buy into them not knowing it was going to happen. They knew it would at some point (they were in contact with building engineers/original archeitects within a half hour of the fires). They didn't think it would be that soon, but they knew they would. The engineers also said that they never thought there could be a fire that hot. There were steel upgrades they could have gone with in the original construction but didn't think it necessary because regular building fires don't get as hot as what happened. Finally, if you really believe that people didn't get out because the FD was blocking the staircases, you are a complete mess and probably are operating on an IQ below the certifiable moron level!
  9. Info on Paris!

    Uh, not when she's somewhat of a celebrity! Didn't mean to 'offend' you so much. Although not as obviously dramatic, I equate it to asking about Keoki history with Michael Alig or the like. If you don't want to answer, don't and just post something stupid instead... oh yeah, you did! :)
  10. Info on Paris!

    That's kind of the stuff I wanted to know. Where has she worked (what parties made her well-known), what has been the entire gender switch thing, etc...
  11. Info on Paris!

  12. Info on Paris!

    Let's say curious... Ha!
  13. Info on Paris!

    Can someone tell me the whole story behind Paris (the person, not the city)? Where she worked/does work, her 'changes', etc. I met her recently and she was very nice and I am curious about her whole story. Thanks.
  14. Nutmeg is a drug???

    The hangover is awful, from what I hear!
  15. Was there a few weeks back and it was open until 6 a.m. Not sure when they stop serving. It also seemed like there was no age limit as there were 14 year olds there.