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  1. Yeah

    yeah I know rite, the dark side is always a good side to be on:D .....well for me at least:)
  2. Just did a shot of bain.

    whats that?
  3. Yeah

    I miss those:(
  4. Confusion???

    yeah I agree, give her a call, unless you already have? And one more question, did she seem any different towards you the last time you spoke with her?
  5. females or males: Are you pretty down there?

    For girls I think it looks sexy with a little strip, for some reason when its ALL shaved it looks as if they haven't reached puberty yet, same for guys, as long as they're trimmed and maybe a little shaved its ok, but if they have a really hairy ass lol then that should either get shaved or waxed back there. As far as body hair on guys, like their chest, I hate it.
  6. Girls, do you enjoy watching guys jerking off?

    Well is can't be any guy, but if its the right guy it can be very sexy and a turn on to watch that.
  7. Is this guy gay?

    To answer your question, no that does not mean he is gay. And I have to agree with everything wideskies has said. Anyways, me personally, in the past when I would do stuff with my ex like yeah lick his ass, I got turned on like that. And yeah in the beginning I hadda beg him and beg him to do it cause he also would say that "no its gay", but finally he let me do it to him and he loved it. Even though I never got around to doing it with him, I'd always tell him that I wanted to buy a dildo (or maybe even a strap on) so that I could use it on him, and yeah he was thinking about it but unfortunately we broke up. and seriously to all the people that bluntly replied "yeah he's gay", thats very ignorant and close minded. As far as the pedicures and manicures, good for him, I like a guy that takes care of himself and is not afraid of people what people think of him. -Romina
  8. colin farrel is not sexy...

    Exactly, I totally agree..... If he was just a regular person walking on the street he would never ever get as much hype as he does cause he's famous. I mean yeah there would be people out there that still would find him attractive but not to the level its at now.
  9. colin farrel is not sexy...

    In my opinion I think he's ugly, plus that accent that he has, you can't understand him sometimes (or at least I can't) AND its annoying. so yeah thats what I think. -romy
  10. wow this post is from like last year. but as far as plugging goes, for the most part people say they either love it or they hate it, I personally love it, even if its been over a year that I rolled. woah long time....
  11. Sooo, rhythm is THAT important...

    Definitly, you have to have a nice flow goin ya know:D
  12. Punk'd !!!

    yeaH I agree that kid is hilarious, just one question, who is he and where did he come from??
  13. Clenbuteral

    not to ask a dumb question, but what is that stuff and whats it do to u you? thanks
  14. Freebase

    Crack is wack there Hitmaster.............take it down.......!!!
  15. Who's staying in 2nite??

    I'm staying in too dont worry -romina