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  1. Co-signing a loan???

    She needs a car loan
  2. Co-signing a loan???

    If I co-sign on a loan for my girlfriend, does this affect my chances of getting a home loan in the future. If I apply for a home loan will the creditors need to know that I'm also a co-signer on another loan??
  3. New Paris Sex Tape?

    anyone got the new tape of Paris. some website is charging $50 for it.
  4. Houston's SUCKED

    also have to add that I ordered a baked potato, waitress asks what do i want on it and I say sour cream on the side. I get the sour cream on the side, but instead of a baked potato they gave me french fries
  5. Houston's SUCKED

    heard so much about this place and checked it out on Saturday. Wait for 2 1/2 hours to have a prime rib that was barely better than TGIF steak, one slice of burnt bread is brought to the table to share. Mixed drinks very watered down. The best thing was the cheese bread appetizers. This place was so overrated - don't go
  6. attn: TommyArmani

    :drool: Thanks, Victor Soto
  7. Meeting the parents (?)

    when my girl first met my parents, they were fooling around on the couch. we showed up & he was fingering the shit out of her. he tried to shake her hand, but she would not. He thought this was an extreme display of disrrespect & wont talk to her to this day.
  8. Meeting the parents (?)

    in all honesty, that is the same way i was raised. Also, you are correct, there is no set way. You have to learn to be spontaneous. I believe that any normal, mature adult should be able to decipher what the appropriate or inapporiate greeting is at the time, depending on the "situation". i mean, i believe in shaking hands upon first meeting, but what if the father was in the middle of making calamari & his hands were a mess. Should i shake his sticky/slimy hand? I think in this situation, an appropriate response would be to smile, say hello & say "i would shake your hand, but...." :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  9. Question?

    Darrell: "hey babe, you give me a toothache" Sugarnspice69: "why is that darrell?" Darrell: "because you are SOOO dam sweeeettt" Sugar proceeds to melt in darrells hands..... the rest is history :laugh: :laugh:
  10. Are breast implants ok on...

    :hat: :hat:
  11. Question?

    does darell ever say "hey baby, come and give me some sugar" :laugh: :laugh: :eek:
  12. Question?

    is this darrell or sugar N spice? :tongue: :tongue:
  13. Laurissa from average Joe Ha-why-E (sp?)

    can someone find a pic of her? she is what i call classically beautiful! :drool:
  14. Question?

    :drool: :drool: