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  1. discotheque...nv??

    Disco sux! Went there sat night, music sux and so do the people. Maybe it was an off night, but I won't be going there again anytime soon.
  2. Whose Been To Ibiza??

    We will be there July 26-Aug 6th for the first time. We are staying at El Corso in Talamanca. We have reserved a car. We want to see all of the island, and didn't want to have to rely on taxis. It is expensive though! The car for 11 days is $694 and that is w/o insurance. It is probably going to cost us about $1000 when all said and done. Crazy! I am looking forward to having a wild time. What about restaurants...are they expensive??
  3. Whose Been To Ibiza??

    everything is booked, flight and hotel. Staying at El Corso in Talamanca. Anyone been there? Got the flights from JFK for $986. Just have to reserve the car now and we'll be set. I am so excited.
  4. Ibiza hotel advise

    I am trying to choose between El Corso and Es Vive hotel. Anyone been to either? Only a difference of $250 for 11 days to stay at El Corso a 4 star vs. Es Vive 2 star. what do you think?
  5. Whose Been To Ibiza??

    no, I haven't tried them. I have been trying to book everything on my own. Probably will get the plane tix from Expedia, and a car from AVIS. It was horrible trying to find an automatic car! Geez, I should learn to drive manual! But now we are waiting on the hotel. I hope things work out.
  6. Whose Been To Ibiza??

    Haven't even begun to look at parties yet...trying to get everything booked first before I start to get excited about going. Hotel is first on my list...hopefully by tonight. Has anyone stayed at Rocarmar or El Corso? Those are the 2 that I am looking at right now.
  7. Whose Been To Ibiza??

    I am having a hard time finding hotels that aren't booked already. Any suggestions on places to stay or websites to look at? Going July 26-Aug 6th most likely.
  8. rumor...Sasha & Digweed in upstate NY?

    It's a small place...I wonder how they got to get them there?
  9. Anyone else heard this? My b-friend said that he saw it on the internet that they are coming to this small bar/club in Clifton Park NY. It is not on S & D website...but anyone else heard this?
  10. Fashion Fetish?

    At least I am not alone! I have taken over the coat closet, hall closet and a part of my mom's. They can't wait til I move out...they will have so much more room!
  11. Fashion Fetish?

    Yeah, I am always shopping...lunch hour, after work, weekends etc. The bad part is I am sneaky about it, I hide my stuff so no one knows that I bought it. When my b-friend asks if that is new...I say "no, I've had it a while, just haven't worn it" It is an addiction for me. I need to stop. I have no room in my house for anymore clothes! I have taken over almost all the closets in my house, have a stand up thing downstairs, plastic bins all over the place...DO YOU THINK I HAVE A PROBLEM?
  12. Fashion Fetish?

    yes, belts are a new thing for me to!
  13. Reviews on Ultra Chilled 01?

    Just bought this cd...2nd cd is much better...good chillout/lounge music. Good for lying in the bed, falling asleep or anything else you can think of. Anyone else got it?
  14. Fashion Fetish?

    All hands in the air for a shop-a-holics club! I think of all the money I would have if I never bought clothes, purses, shoes, accessories...my god I'd be loaded!
  15. New Fragrances

    Ralph-Romance my personal fav Men's scent is great too...just got it for my b-friend for V-day! Love it.