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  1. lowdown on dt at vinyl plz.

    do they watch for people eating pills and stuff on the floor and what not? and what about smoking...you mean smoking weed right??
  2. Danny Tenaglia - What's his style???

    hey what time does danny usually come on? and how do we get there(m friends and i) as in which train to take and where to go? i still havent been to vinyl. thanks for your help max
  3. Questions about Vinyl...

    Im considering going when Danny T is spinning one friday..i was wondering what its like there? aside from kick ass music, is there a tight door policy? What do people usually wear? does it matter? i mean is it upscale and dressy? also how much is it? thanks Max
  4. Another SONG ID???

    Is there a song called fallen angel or something? Its been bugging me, the lyrics go.. "Like a fallen angel, no one hears the tears I cry. Still it mystifies me...why why why" "still no place to cry" Im getting this from the digweed orlando Mix...any ideas on the name of the song and the artist?
  5. PVD SONG ID? Please.

    Im sorry, it was part 2, my bad...please help...

    Kitty, are you talking about people up to their elbows in candy and carrying lolli pops and stuff..or have they become more stringent against people not wearing regular club clothes and showing up in t shirts and ufos? i plan on getting there for snd in 2 weeks..i hope things havent changed that much in 4 or 5 months..
  7. PVD SONG ID? Please.

    where are the vocals from?
  8. PVD SONG ID? Please.

    Listening to rosenmontags rave, he spun this song iwth vocals that says something like, "i am an ocean save my life " "i am avalley...??" i cant make it out and dint try that hard..do you know what it is...it fomes about 36 min into the mix.. thanks.