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  1. Dating guys/girls you meet in clubs?

    Hey guys, thanks for the thoughtful comments. I guess one of these days I'm gonna have to learn how to relax Doesn't come naturally to me, especially now that I live in the city. Anyway, thanks again!
  2. OK people, I've had an ongoing problem and I'd really like to get people's opinions on this...I've been in NYC for a few months now and I'm really burned out on just hooking up. I want something real, something long-term. I work in high-tech, which is totally male-dominated, so really the only place for me to meet women is the club scene. But I've had a lot of bad experiences trying to start relationships with women I meet in clubs. We go out dancing a few times, maybe have sex, but they seem really reluctant to seriously date a guy they meet at a bar/club, and the whole thing fizzles out in a few weeks. I've never managed to transition from a party friend type relationship to a serious dating thing. Its REALLY frustrating to meet someone I really like then not be able to turn it into something more serious. I'm 26 and generally date women in the 23-30 y.o. range. Anyone have advice for me? Should I give up on trying to start a relationship with someone I meet in a club?
  3. Joey Negro was in town last week (at Centro-Fly, I think, or maybe at Love Bazaar?). Haven't heard from anyone who was at the show. When in the hell is someone going to bring MARQUES WYATT out to NYC? This guy is blowing up, he's got a new dj mix CD on Om Records, and a big story in DJ Times magazine. Never seen him spin live, but his CD is fantastic.
  4. Where to go tonight?

    Dunno where to go if you wanna dance, but for lounging, Plant Bar and Liquids are good on Tuesdays.

    AMEN! Just about every big techno DJ is overrated, IMHO. Dunno if its true, but I heard that S&D get $35k EACH for their monthly residency at Twilo. Sorry, I just have trouble believing that ANY DJ is worth that much. The best DJs are the ones that are involved in the local scene, who support the local dance community. Guys like Marques Wyatt in LA and Francois K and company in NYC. These guys are great behind the decks, but they are also out supporting dance music in the community, promoting good parties for years and years. That's what its all about, not this Paul Oakenfold mega-god-DJ bullshit. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.
  6. OFFICIAL Guernica Roll Call Tonight

    For anyone interested, last night at Guernica was absolutely slammin'. From about midnight on the place was packed and the crowd was friendly and energetic. I'll definitely be back there next Monday. Highly recommended. The name of the night is Tonic Treatment, by the way. And although its not confirmed yet, one of the promoters told me that Carl Cox will be doing a set there on the first or second Monday in February. Watch out for that one, its gonna be big.
  7. OFFICIAL Guernica Roll Call Tonight

    I'll be there with my white Body & Soul soccer jersey on, so say hi!
  8. OFFICIAL Guernica Roll Call Tonight

    Every time I've been to Guernica on a weeknight its been free. I'll be there...what time you planning on arriving?
  9. **The Next ClubNYC Dinner Meet-Up!!**

    Seems like a good choice for a restaurant. I'll be there!
  10. Prozac/Rolling- Serious Question

    Dunno if this is a serious post or not but I'll give a serious answer. I don't know the chemistry behind it, but in my experience mixing Prozac and E is a BAD IDEA. I did it one time and enjoyed the high but the next day had the worst down of my life. I'll spare you the details but take my word for it, it was awful. Tell your friend not to fuck around...Either quit Prozac or quit E, but don't mix 'em.
  11. guernica??? tonight???

    Guernica can be fun, but its pretty hit or miss. Its more of a lounge scene than a dance bar, but its a really nice layout in the bar downstairs and it sometimes has excellent music. Its also right around the corner from my apartment, so if you go check it out, shoot me a mail at [email protected]
  12. Good areas in Cali

    How come nobody has suggested the West Hollywood/Melrose area? Lots of clubs and bars around, centrally located, not too much crime, good restaurants, etc. With a little luck, I think you can probably still get a one bedroom with a parking space for less than a grand.
  13. NY Crew for this weekend

    FYI Body and Soul runs from 4pm to midnight. Best time to arrive is around 7pm. No alcohol inside so do your drinking beforehand (if you're into that). You guys should also check out Centro-Fly...very, very different from Twilo but lots of fun.
  14. Coming back home to LA from NYC for the holidays...I'll be getting home Saturday evening and I'm gonna want to get my party on. Can anyone give any recommendations? I thought about going to Giant, but I went there a few months ago and apparently the lines are now even worse than they were then. Can anyone recommend a good Saturday dance party, either in Hollywood or on the westside, preferably one that doesn't end at 2AM?