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  1. The Announcement As Promised

    If memory serves me correctly, isn't TEO T part of the *every resident DJ on the Jersey Shore* club?? :confused:
  2. dj critics (laurie)

    I have stood by the side lines far enough...Listen up you 22 year old know it all who knows shit about the club scene. All you do is talk SHIT about Denny and Tempts.....If Denny isn't up to PAR for your standards, then don't fucking go to a place he spins at...If you like MERGE and RYDELL, GO THERE!!! Its that fucking simple. But then again, I guess it can't be that easy for you since you confused a GEO with a SAAB!!! Denny, Richie, Teo, Manny, Kirk, Eddie, and all the rest of the DJ's who have been spinning down the shore this year, and DJ's all around the world for that matter, do what they do cause they LOVE IT!! It is their passion...And like Kirk said, how would you like it if they visited you at your place of employment and critiqued you on each and every thing you do BUT had no KNOWLEDGE or EXPERTISE in what it is you do or even HOW YOU DO IT!!! I'd bet the farm you'd have a problem with it, AND that you really wouldn't aprreciate these people, who have NOT A FUCKING CLUE about what you do, to sit there and criticize you and your skills. Well guess what knit wit, thats exactly what you do here. You have no idea what it takes to be a DJ, and to perform for thousands of people, under that type of pressure, knowing everyone is a critic. You CAN NOT please everyone, and if you and your so called WELLS SEASONED clubber friends have issues with Denny and his skills (bare with me here - I know I am repeating myself but you have to remember the mentality of Laurie157614643214), DON"T GO TO FUCKING TEMPTS!!! It is that SIMPLE!!!! What does it take for you to get this into your head? I mean C'MON!!! How many posts later will it take - are you THAT DUMB?? CHRIST! Yes, this is a message board, and anyone can say whatever it is he/she damn well pleases. But don't you think after 321674163 posts WE GET THE PICTURE!!! Now please do us a favor, and go get a job at a fortune cookie factory....
  3. "Sin is In'

    WTF....is my name SKIP all of a sudden??
  4. Merge/Temps Sat. Review

    its not that he's the only one who can take a joke, you my dear just aren't FUNNY. :tongue:
  5. Merge/Temps Sat. Review

    log off from this site. Do you not have anything else to do with your time?? I guess not since you post all day long, and this last post was at 9:16PM. Get a fucking life girl. Say it with me - I AM PATHETIC!!! Here's a suggestion - GET A MAN, A VIBRATOR, OR A FUCKING BLOW UP DOLL. :hump: I think you need some action.
  6. The Osbournes....

    Two thumbs up from me - for whatever that's worth.. I laughed my ass off the entire time the show was on!!! He is a MANIAC, his kids are CRAZY, and his wife is just as NUTS!! She LOVES to spend money - did you see how much stuff 4 people have?! I loved the previews for the next show - the door symbol - and the therapist for the animals (in his brittish accent of course *the damn dogs don't need a therapist. What they need is for you to open the door as 7AM for Christ sakes!!* :laugh:
  7. Thank You!

    You tell'em Teo!! Sorry to hear all this is goin on in your life - but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Obviously loyalty, and dedication doesn't count for SHIT with the people you work/worked for. Maybe its best that you get them and their negativity out of your life - prove to them that they made a HUGE MISTAKE by BLOWIN UP big and better. Best of luck to you on all your new projects. To the management of XS, this one's for you!:bigfinger :bigfinger :bigfinger
  8. A) Your post is absolutely PAINFUL to read. May I suggest using proper punctuation, proper use of CAPITAL letters, and of course, the ever popular SPELL CHECK process!! Upon completion of these tasks, your posts MAY be able to get through. Until then, the only thing the post above shows is that our education system in this country HAS FAILED YET AGAIN. You are the one WHINING my friend - quit your barking and take your lumps like a man! You got read, and then re-read. Now run along with your tale tucked FIRMLY between your chicken legs and go tell it to someone who CARES because honestly - NO ONE AROUND HERE DOES!
  9. $7.50 a drink at Metro? that's CRAZY!!!

    UM - TRY READING WHAT I POSTED MORON. It said "ITS ALL FUN AND GAMES." Nothing more than that - and of course pointing out HOW FUCKING STUPID YOU AND YOUR SISTER LOOK BY LETTING THIS GET YOUR PANTIES IN A BUNCH!! You 2 losers not only need to get a life, how about getting A CLUE! Its a fucking message board for goodness sakes. And as for your last comment - IT MAKES ZERO SENSE!! Think you may have left a word or two out, possibly even some punctuation!! Proof-reading next time may help!!
  10. Whos going to the LOVESEXY lounge this thursday

    UM - is this the same party that used to be housed in Signore's Lunge with DJ Eddie Luv back in the late 90's??
  11. $7.50 a drink at Metro? that's CRAZY!!!

    A) I hope you professors don't read this because your SPELLING AND GRAMMAR are both absolutely ATTROCIOUS!! PUHLEZ with the donating of your car to a poor family. I donate my cars to the catholic church but you don't see me BRAGGING - that's right BRAGGIN about it, do you. C) Laurie put herself in ALL THE POSITIONS that she has been in by opening up by cake hole of a mouth of hers and INSERTING HER FOOT in it each and every time. SHe has gotten called on HER LIES more times on here than any other member if memory serves me correctly. D) NO ONE - and I repeat - NO ONE BELIEVES a thing that spews from her mouth because we generally know its all LIES AND FALACIES!! E) I take my family very seriously, but I certainly wouldn't do what YOU are doing. You are making you and your ssiter look more pathetic than ever. Really dear - quit while you can. YOUR STOCK IS PLUMMETING!! F) BIG WOOPTIE DOO that you are PAYING FOR SOME OF IT. Try paying for it YOURSELF, as well as your education, and the clothes you wear, and the food you eat, and the co-op you live in. THATS WHAT I DO/DID, and know for a fact thats what MANY PEOPLE DO OUT IN THE REAL WORLD. Being independent and able to stand on your OWN TWO FEET gives you a feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT AND SELF WORTH. You are your sister should try it some time. G) Parents HELPING OUT their children is their JOB as parents, but to hold the hands of their children as they walk thru life only creates SPOLIED LITTEL BRATS WHO NEVER LEARN TO APPRECIATE THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR. H) If you THINK for ONE SECOND that anything you say has ANY IMPACT on me whatsoever, you really need to get your head examined while you are in med school. You are nothing more than a pimple on an elephants ass to me. Do you think this is PISSING ME OFF? You really take this all WAY TO SERIOUSLY. ITS ALL FUN AND GAMES!! I) I AM SO SCARED BECAUSE NOW I MESSED WITH THE WRONG FAMILY EVEN MORE. :shake: See, I am shaking in my pants!!!
  12. $7.50 a drink at Metro? that's CRAZY!!!

    If you don't have to justify anything - may I suggest you STFU!! You're starting to sound like a broken record. You want an apology from her for WHAT? For calling your sister out on her own words. She didn't make that stuff up - its in black and white honey! DEAL WITH IT. One last thing - take the caps lock off - its quite annoying, and tired!!
  13. Denny playing hip hop at World

    NOW THAT WAS SOME FUNNY SHIT!!! How do you remember all this stuff!!! :laugh: Whats going on Tempkid? did you get a house this year?? NOT I!!! Can't afford it. Where have you been going?? Went to Exit about 2 weeks ago - it was OK. NOTHING SPECIAL. Went top body and soul with sayno 2 sundays ago - THAT WAS FIERCE!! Talk to ya soon!!
  14. $7.50 a drink at Metro? that's CRAZY!!!

    Are you KIDDING me with this TIRADE?? OYE VEY!! Lemme let you in on a few things missy. YOUR SISTAH has brought this all upon herself. Her hollier than though attitude and superiority complex is what has gotten her here. Basically - SHE HAS A BIG MOUTH. If you/her don't want to be judged or have your parents money come into this - THEN DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!! Her bragging about her NEW CUSTOM BULIT SAAB (when she really had a TRACKER) is what started all this back inthe summer. BIG FAT LIAR!!! And - if someone wants to post about $7.50 being HIGHWAY ROBBERY for a cocktail at METRO - what's it to her. Just cause she has your parents $$$ to go out with doesn't mean everyone else does. SOME PEOPLE work hard for their money and find it INSULTING to have to pay NYC prices in a NJ club. If they wanted to spend that kind of money - they'd go into the city. You may know her sense of humor - but did you ever think that OTHERS DON'T. And maybe what you consider a sense of humor, someone else may consider what she says as INSULTING. Looks like you are the one taking this all so seriously. Guess Laurie needed to get her big sister involved to fight her battles. The kids in this sandbox don't always play nice sweetie. And if neither one of you can take it, may I suggest www.nikelodeon.com. I hear kids over there play MUCH NICER!!
  15. DJ Skribbble is sexy

    NOT COOL!!!! Was that REALLY necessary?? I THINK NOT. To answer the original posters question, he is officially OFF THE MARKET since his proposal to his girlfriend ON STAGE at the Miracle on 34th Street Concert in NYC on 12/19. Kind of tacky if you ask me - but hey - at least she said yes.