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    an acct exec who teaches dance on the side and is one of the best female battlers around
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    dance, feelin good, music
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    account exec/dancer
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    married to the club
  1. Roger Sanchez Crobar reviews... opinions?

    roger sanchez seriously surprised me. Anytime he is in the area i def will be in attendance
  2. The B-Day Bash!

    cant wait til denny's birthday maybe things will be packed like classics and I actually have some good dancers to battle with instead of my shadow on the wall. :-0
  3. Exit For Vicious/ll For Scot Project?

    No question vicious and if he is at exit than def. him:)
  4. exit II opening ?!

    Whats the deal with the reopening of exit? [ /COLOR] is it opening this saturday or the 19th I keep getting different e-mails and my fellow promoter friends dont even know
  5. What college do you Guys attend?

    Im at Montclair State University