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  1. Happy New Year to da Boyz! May You Rock Out Smoke Hard And drink everything in sight. P.S. Are you going to see Phil from Scandals tonight?
  2. Cigs........Happy B-day KID!!!

    HB-TC Rock-On!!
  3. I couldn't resist....

    I hope all my FRIENDS see this comment!!!! Alright emmitt.
  4. Vote For The Board Looser

    I vote for SILVEEOHH!!!! He's definitely the biggest loser
  5. Yo Cigs (Control Freak)

  6. Official Club Boards Meetup @ Apples 9/14/01

    That's right, I'm just a poor boy, Nobody love's me (gotta quote Queen, Skippy told me Tenaglia mixed it last week). T Joe's was crankin'. He cleaned it up really nice. It's definitely good to be back there. Cigs, when are you and Timay coming???
  7. Official Club Boards Meetup @ Apples 9/14/01

    It sucks to be the workin' guy but, No different than always. I'll be all by my lonesome at Boa's, AGAIN! Fine, go out and have fun without me, AGAIN!
  8. East Coast Trash

    Evil, What are you doing in LA? I hate New Jersey Guidos. I am from New Jersey and The Evil One will tell you they all suck. They look the same Same Haircuts Same fuckin' jeans Same fuckin' juiced bodies Same fuckin' x-ed up, hard up friggin attitude. Fuck- Em P.S. Love LA
  9. For the Crayons Fans

    the Crayons The new website is up www.thecrayons.net Rock-On
  10. Not only playing Saturday night at 9PM but also on Sunday after the parade!!!! And if you care I will be bartending the whole fuckin' feast!!!!! Rock-On!!! [This message has been edited by silveeohh (edited 06-06-2001).]

    Pictures?Me?.....If I remember!!! I will try
  12. whats your fav. bar band?

    The Crayons this Sunday at CB'S Gallery 11pm
  13. Can we display some COMMON COURTESY HERE PLEASE!

    What the Fuck is this??? A Kittie who cares?????? Your boss is probably jerking off to you playing with yoourself at your desk..... OOOOPS!!! No...Fuck it!!! Remember that post? You can play with yourself but you can't look at porn? You'll probably hit me for this post, I hope you leave for Seattle before you see me!!!!
  14. CIGS!!!!!!

    Next Friday The Blue, Red, and Green Crayons are gonna come down early before the show(about 12:00) to your crib if that's cool. Let me know.

    I think I'm going....Just kiddin', Is evil emmitt and Sivs going???? Cigs, Def down for Friday Rock-On Johnnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!