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  1. that rumor is actually fact
  2. We have Jimmy Van Malleghem, Sean Cusick and Three on Christmas Weekend. I think I might stop by for a bit and check that out. I havent seen Jimmy play in about 5 or 6 years.
  3. reading this thread again reminded me of how lame it was :0
  4. very wise to put your phone number on a public forum.. and just for that, I'll quote it what up suciedad.. when you hitting tampa
  5. sorry Im late, but thanks for the bday wishes
  6. who the hell is Sander Kleinber?
  7. I met her at conference 4 years ago and it seemed like yesterday. This is truly devestating news, Im so sorry to hear this.
  8. official dates wont come out until late nov / dec at the latest sit tight
  9. I havent been a mod on this board for months.. so I have no clue but if I was a betting man, I dont think it was any of the mod's here. partly because 3 of them dont even post here
  10. you sound like a used car salesman :-x
  11. I have this track backed up somewhere in a CD.. I also have this track on wax. I'll hook you up when I have the time to look for it
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