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  1. Best Sound System and lighting in Jersey

    Merge's sound system is bananas with all of those avalon bass bins. there is more wattage and power in that amp rack then in a nuclear power plant. the bass makes u go
  2. who is the BEST DWI Lawyer in NJ ?

    it will cost more for a good lawyer then to pay those fines.
  3. Happy birthday petey k, ill come out for a drink and stop in
  4. boris has been playing PHENOMINAL at every appearance in New York. He is going to kill the surf club. Theres no doubt about it, he's on POINT lately and playing with balls. killin' it
  5. True Or False?

    I'm so confused, is it 18 tihs year at Merge on Fridays, an what about Surf Club on Sundays? Thanks! -justin
  6. heres a hint: the DMV in Oakland is open on Saturdays now from like 9 to 12 or 1, there is NEVER anyone in there! So if you want a quick in and out at the DMV hit it up early saturday morning in OAKLAND, i promise it will be quick (for a non-drivers ID as well!)
  7. Tony Thomas puts out great work. Check out his new Grinder EP.
  8. that wasn't a battle. that was more of we have a mutual respect for one another so let's kill it together.
  9. tech yes, gabber no. trance only when its a high quality trance piece with melodies that are worth listening too.. sorry im biased i really dont like trance
  10. The latest and most cutting edge tech house, progressive, tribal, breaks, dark, hard, disco, soulful house, you name it they have it. Go and check it out its only minutes away from towns like Paterson, Clifton, Totowa, Wayne, Bergen County and more. I'll be working there on Saturdays soon so stop by and show luv:tongue: ZBass Sound & Lighting / Get Wireless 235 haledon ave, haledon, nj 07508 973.389.1975
  11. Feel Free to Expose the Weak Jersey Scene...

    i won't be there this year.