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  1. fake id

    Probably not gonna happen. You can't just walk into head shops and expect to get a good ID like you could 10+ years ago.. Most clubs now scan IDs as well (for mailings) but if your ID is fake it won't go through the scanner. Any ID you get in the city will be shit. You're best bet is using someone else's who looks like you. OR If you know someone privately who makes them. OR Just wait till your old enuf. Babies shouldn't be in the club anyway
  2. Okay so Victor played it Saturday maybe around 4 or so? It's pretty soulful but has a sick background beat...Woman singing lots of lyrics, goes... "It's my world, It's my life, It's my dreams" and then something like "I get no ....... (cant figure out what shes saying" It's really distinct...Any help!?!! Thanks!
  3. Danny Tenaglia @ Shelter, Fri 8/24

    ahhhh :( not happy about missing this
  4. silverbull at least does not spread false rumors or make up ridiculous shit on message boards that no one would believe if they didnt even know their own name . he is great to the scene, friendly, generous and a fantastic person to party with.
  5. yea you fucking moron, a convicted felon would be a again be a fantastic owner of a new club with a recycled name! he would totally keep the club out of the eyes of the nypd and feds. again fucking moron. the place will be swarming. there is no way this is true.
  6. that is the most fucking retarded thing ever. why the fuck would you change the venues name on a weekly basis. are you kidding me. i would not go just because of how stupid that is. and all the fucking 16-18 year olds that will flock there in hopes of reinventing the days they missed. get over it. bring us something new.
  7. Mezmor becoming twilo and TUNNEL every week

    this is too funny. ridiculous. why would anyone open a club and rename it something from 10 years ago? can they not be more creative or inventive. and they would be on an alternating weekend??? hahah ridiculous. you people believe everything you hear.
  8. 7/14 afterhours party

    wow this sounds illegal
  9. Dt @ Pacha Rollll Calll

    lolol much love to silverbull xoxo
  10. Dt @ Pacha Rollll Calll

    lolol yes cevin fisher!!!! ahhh i will be there !
  11. Hellooooo!!! What time is every1 goin to Victor at?? I got an email that he is going on at 3am due to pressure to shut down early....im not sure what time it will close so im tryin to see what is a good hour to go at.
  12. STONY BROOK University(anyone from the board go here?)

    LOL!! Park Bench became Tuts and now it is Patty Buchannans !! hahah What about MYST in Smithtown that is a goood time... lol and Biancos (Viper, Wall Street) sooo cheesy love LI guidos! But for real, anyone still out here:!?!?!? Im here!! PM ME
  13. WHATS THE DEAL? GOT AN EMAIL FROM VICTOR THE PARTY IS CLOSING EARLY.... HOW EARLY IS IT GOING TO CLOSE/GET SHUT DOWN??? Just trying to figure out what time to go at..... BOOO to "NY Authorities"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. hmm anyone i know on here going to be there?