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  1. Top 10 Feb

    thats on the hush hush
  2. Top 10 Feb

    song sucks, that kid Jon Henry is the worst
  3. Song ID I keep on hearing in Sound Factory

    Ink played it recently there, the Creamer and K version
  4. alicia keys - womans worth

    yeah it was an original mix that he did, sick bass on it
  5. Why Did EXIT Close?

    you saying black people dont do drugs?
  6. Everyone Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got 10 to 1 on Muzikman
  7. Avalon (Limelight) opening

    yeah line was around the block last night, saw it on the way to Cheetah...
  8. Building Your Own DJ Booth

    bullshit artist
  9. neither is saying "I dare you to fucken slap me"... hes rude, you are likewise causing 'drama', especially when he wasnt replying to your quote when you said it
  10. Shawn Ink at mirage last night

    no Andrew would definately fit in at the Asseteria
  11. Shawn Ink at mirage last night

    you gotta me kidding me? as for the "local DJ" part, you name the club in NY and Shawn has spun there. He has also spun in Miami, Rhode Island, Boston, Las Vegas, etc etc so thats a pretty ignorant comment Lady might be in rotation in Jersey, but definately not NY. Enlighten me with your vast knowledge of the NYC nightlife.
  12. Jonathan Peters On Metro Mix!

    good luck
  13. what kind of drink specials are you expecting at a club? If you mean an open bar from like 10-11, Bloomberg made that illegal to do, along with banning 'Ladies Drink Free' nights