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  1. Survey: EXIT!

    Dude you are so corny. Stop asking dumb questions!!!!
  2. It will never happen! Why do you think club owners put hip hop in the smallest room in the club. The thugs that would go to this place would have the place shut down faster than you can say Guliani.
  3. Love? Hype? or Boredom?

    What happened btwn you and draper? I didnt realize something went down cause as far i as remember you guys were tight.
  4. Richie Hawtin?

    I heard him last and John last at Twilo. John was actually pretty good. I understand that richie is supposed to be so good but i was bored while he was playing. It seemed like he was playing the same beat the whole night without any variation. The only variations came when he went on his drum machine and was fucking with it. I couldnt tell one track from the next. Can someone explain what they enjoy about him?
  5. To Clear Things Up...

    Justin, first of all i didnt say you didnt have skills. This wasnt an issue on skills. You are a decent DJ on your way up. I just did not like the tone of your posts on certain subjects. I should of just PM'ed you on the issue but whats done is done. I have learned that in this industry you can spend years climbing and only one day can bring your downfall. Being a few years older than you, I am speaking from experience. Keep playing those tunes...
  6. Who else thinks DJ JUSTIN is getting a big head?

    I hear you Dlux, I really dont like to hate but what put it over the top for me was when Justin was talking about the july 3rd party. He said if Tony wasnt doing the main floor he should and that the other dj's were wack. What gives him the authortiy to say this. I spoke to the promoters for that night and found out that Ian guy they hired is actually from the UK and will be playing some hard german shit. Although they said he wont be doing the whole night we all hope the night overall is a good one for the money.
  7. In all honesty Iam not one to bash being a DJ myself but after reading these posts he writes, I and others feel Justin thinks he is a god being that he spins in a room where his promoter friends got him to spin. I have heard him spin many times and he tries with all his might to be an exact replica of Tony Draper. He plays all the same records so why bother going to the red room with an inferior sound system when i could listen to them on the main floor. For gods sake he even dresses like Tony with a football jersey and hat. Get your own style KID. He says no other room beats the energy he has in the red room, give me a break! Knowing that you Justin will be reading this cause you have nothing better to do than reply to every single post, hopefully this will make you humble yourself and realize you are NOT god!