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  1. Singapore nightlife?

    I'll be traveling to Singapore for work. Anyone have any tips on venues, parties, etc. for the nightlife out there? I heard there was a Ministry of Sound. I can only go out on a SUnday and Thurs --- know of any good parties on those nights?
  2. Madrid

    any recommendations for hotels, restuarnats, touristy stuff, and ofcourse venues to go to.... thanks in advance!
  3. milano, italia

    just cavalli's nightclub - shapped like a half circle; partially outside; great looking crowd; georgio armani/nobu club - downstairs, red theme; the dancefloor was too sectioned off from everything else; nice to see mr. armani there himself; older crowd. can grab dinner at Nobu beforehand. plastic nightclub - too crowded; 80% sweaty guys - ick
  4. Paris nightlife...?

    where to go? music? crowd? location? etc.
  5. salary ranges and interviews...

    i would get the job first and then do the salary discussion later. if you're really deserving of the higher pay, then tell them why. i'd base ur 'speech' on facts, rather than emotion. goodluck!
  6. Puffy Eyes

    get an eye mask w/cooling gel inside. works like a charm!
  7. Lancome Microdermabrasion stuff ..

    what does it do? or how much better is it now that u've used it?
  8. Victoria's Secret Fashion SHow

    giselle is still my fav. rerun on tues, upn. but for a short quickie go to their site, they have a clip: http://www.victoriassecret.com/fashionshow/
  9. Catered Lunch

  10. what physically happens when you black out?

    hahha, good call^. naw, like ur alive chatting/etc. but u just done remmeber stuff even when people mention it to u the next day. my girl blacks out all the time, but doesnt think twice about it.
  11. What are your favorite ...

    OMG ME TOOOOOOOOO! we have a xmas CD my roommate & i play every year. my fav is "last xmas i have u my heart, and the very next day u gave it away...."
  12. Does any1 know what physically happens when you black out when drinking? is it that u arent getting enough oxygen to the brain?
  13. knicks vs 76ers pics

    great game...sry pics a lil late.