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  1. Hey, can you please let me know where that place in time squares for the ID is?

  2. Can you please let me know where i can the fake ID in times square please?? emergency for tonight..

  3. Hey Where Is The Place For The IDs ?

  4. Hey, i was wondering if you could still tell me where the place in time square is to get the ID's


  5. hey, could you let me know where the place in time square is for the ids

  6. hey man could u hook me up with the address for the id's?

  7. hey, do you know were in times square the id place is?

  8. hey can you tell me the exact address to get the fake id? i'd really appreicate that. thankd

  9. hey i was wondering if i could get the direction to the id place in times square

  10. hey man you wanna tell me where to get the id's in times square? are they ny driver like that? email me please [email protected] THANKS ALOT

  11. Yo man can you tell me exactly where in times square this id place is?

  12. Does anyone recognize the club that they went to that night?
  13. where to go for 16 & 17 year olds??

    another reason why people arent as helpful anymore....too many assholes who dont respect other ppls opinions..someone get this kid a life...whats up with all the ya'lls? what are u? some southern hick? reminds me of that yokel farmer guy on the simpsons...
  14. This shit is mad funny lol havent seen it in a long time... glad that is back