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  1. Soundgarden Opens Sat. Sept 6

    What kind of music do they play there??
  2. hello miami!!!!!

    Me and a few friends are heading down to south beach this weekend....anyone have any idea of what would be a good club to to go to???
  3. Las Vegas!!!

    Me and my friends just booked our trip Memorial Day Weekend May 22-27... Who else is going????
  4. Las Vegas!!!!

    Me and my friends just booked our trip to vegas memorial day weekend!!!! May 22 - 27.....Is anyone else going to be there???
  5. Would you buy a Knockoff????

    another one is the Endi bag....... i would be so embarrassed to walk around with one... lol
  6. Favorite Holliday flick!

    I would have to say my favorite christmas movie would be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and second would be Christmas Story.
  7. Blue Zoo in Brooklyn

    Its pretty nice there.... but very small and it can get really crowded ...they usually play hip hop...i haven't been there in a while but i thinks its still pretty good.
  8. Who's home tonite

    Hey Romy nice to meet you too... I usually go to soundfactory , vinyl. exit(once in a while ) limelight.... pretty much everywhere By the way how do you put quote on your post like that?
  9. Who's home tonite

  10. Who's home tonite

    I'm home tonite too:( ...... still got tomorrow night!! By the way this is my first post........ just wanted everyone to know.....lol