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  1. Arena Classics Night

    cant fucken wait!!! weeeeep--hes gonna turn it out that nite he hasnt not been fierce for months now and i think all the old school people miss usa, limelight, palladium and especially twilo-which is already in old school category now after being closed for a year RIP
  2. crystal....

    note edgy like coke...more like a clean smooth high its more for like maintenance to keep you going thru the nite bro but damn sex is hoTTT and you are up for awhile bro, even with a little bit it keeps you going-no way to sleep unless you get valiums or shit haha
  3. crystal....

    i'm in control kiDD peace:blown:
  4. crystal....

    crystal meth is the best waaaaa keeps u up for hours sex is AMAZING yeAAAA e and k are phaTT also
  5. How many guys on the board are bi?

    shit i quoted myself... pm me babee...
  6. How many guys on the board are bi?

    yeaaa babeee.... send me a pm-we gotta talk
  7. How many guys on the board are bi?

    i'm bi-not scared to say it either some dudes just do it for me any hottie out there give me a shout out-always lookin to meet new people
  8. So how many guys....

    i'll admit to being bi... it's hot-you only live once-i am more attracted to chix but some dudes (especially spikey sf jersey guys) (LMFAO). and alot of them are bi as well-i know from first hand experience... any hot bi dudes give me a shout out-- =) lata:rolleyes: