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  1. lemonade was a popular drink and it still is i got more props and stunts than bruce willis
  2. poor billy's tonite...help

    i always have so much fun @ poor billys.... if you go there thinking its gonna be this fabulous club....you might be dissapointed....but if you go thinking it gonna be a big ass bar......youll love it! mmmm dinner @ pb's is really good too!
  3. This Sunday!!!

  4. This Sunday!!!

    twist my friggin arm! of course ill be there with bellz on. cant miss it.....maybe ill even dance ! :heart:
  5. DEKO lounge Rollcall !

    i believe ill present! gotta go easy....savin myself for sunday! :D
  6. Can someone give me a review for TEMPS Sunday

    ill give you all a review of my concussion after falling off the stage. ... fawkin sucked. did anyone see this happen. i sure hope not...... nice to meet saynotodrama @ surf. you are very hot! (in a non lesbianic way:D )
  7. attn: kettleone4me

    i saw him last weekend. talk about a comeback....talk about not being able to come back... kettleone we miss u.......
  8. Girls, Have You Ever Had An Orgasm From......

    never had an orgasm from breast alone......but i still love it... tweak my nipples like master locks!
  9. Cordless Phones and Phone Sex

    its actually easier....especially if you have one of those earpeices!
  10. anyone ever use Hydroxicut or

    anybody addicted?
  11. ceeotters weekend review

    how is vanilla blackhaus?
  12. Merge/Temps Sat. Review

    i wish i went to tempts!! but djais was cool too....
  13. DEKO thurs

    the tall one with the glasses????
  14. Favorite Shore Food, Whats yours? VOTE

    djais cheese fries all the way!!
  15. ceeotter's weekend review

    ceeotter you forgot that you met me too!! (thanks for the shots!! :D )