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  1. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Good to hear love! Def. am gonna start crawling out of my hole soon enough... there were too many "other pics" to choose from my love .... I only made it easy on myself Hey JonnyBoy! ::purr::
  2. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Hiya sweety! I'm doin great and I hope you & the girly are too... Its def been a while...we must end this hiatus
  3. Clubkat~!

    Jello YumYum! Marci: holy moses...lol Cock and Turkey... But I had a good Spanksgiving...lol
  4. Major BrainFuck!!!!

    here's my little rendition... Before the switch from 12 to 13: 12 pairs of shoes are on the floor... 6 Black and 6 White... ::keep your eye on the tallest little man...#8 from the left:: During the switch from 12 to 13: ::12 body parts are moved:: 12 pairs of shoes are on the floor... 6 Black and 6 White... BUT Little man #8 has left close to nothing of his black shoes on the floor and carried the rest over to the other side... After the switch from 12 to 13: 13 pairs of shoes are on the floor....7 Black and 6 White... If thats wrong then lord help us all...
  5. Watery grave...

    I apologize.... Guess you hafta get a new restraining order
  6. Watery grave...

    It’s rather dangerous to be trimming the kitty in the shower.... Concentrating hard on getting her slippery slick.... Spread wide with one leg plopped up against something, the other keeping you balanced.... And when your done... (u might slip in a finger or two - just testing of course!) You look up after your masterpiece is completed... And get the best head rush!!!! I’m so afraid one day ill look up to fast.... and die in a watery grave... ~Happy Saturday~
  7. Post some young pics of yourself

    let me try this again...
  8. January 2004 Meetup Poll Part I

    That be the afterparty yo!
  9. January 2004 Meetup Poll Part I

    Cant tonight But I will see you soon! And I miss you mostes!
  10. January 2004 Meetup Poll Part I

    HI G!!!! I vote on America. (it'll hold more of a big group) oh and
  11. Finally MOVED OUTT!!!

    Many Congratulations D
  12. I am bored, show me some tits.

    (.)(.) ...sorry...ive got saggy tits...
  13. A trip down sex kitten lane

    lmao Petrol was part of the old-old-old skoolers....2000 and before... Alot of people you mentioned you met in the other thread are from my 1st days here (Cmb, Back2Basics, Unbound & Orchid, Moonshine and the likes).... Thats really odd that we never met Weyes...or maybe....we ran into each other and never even knew it!! As for alot of people in that pic w/pet...fairly new registers when that pic was taken..