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    Bars n Clubs , and my job, and of course my baby
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    vampire chick at morristown memorial hospital ;o) Pediatrics , NICU
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  2. just be careful w them, its not fun weening off them fockers either
  3. Answer: #1. perfect , no, not horrible... #2. i would love to but the Mr. doesnt want to, its gonna take some convincing.
  4. that will go great in church
  5. LMAO!!! yea i was thinking that too, but even strapless gowns have MANY styles, sheesh! decisions, decisions... i love you, u are just too damn funny, try to convince my future hubby to move to FL, im not one to stand the heat and all but im sure i can get use to it. the fall n winter in FL is perfect for me.
  6. ehhh... just takin care of a few things, i cant wait to find a wedding gown! i just have no clue what i want anymore , theres so many out there that are nice and its tough
  7. Hi lovey, miss u toooo! i cant believe i havent been on here in so long lol
  8. congrats mama! i wanted my girl to be Kayla too! i love that name!
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