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  1. SoundFactory

    not 2 b mean *at all* but this isnt even a Question ........countdown till 4/13 :D Sat ---> nothing else matters
  2. Wassup Females ..Say Hi

    georgie u got a new best friend
  3. Ground Zero not a circus attraction!!!

    i'M W/ u all on this .. i go to skewl @ PACE .. a whole 3 blocks away... i wasnt @ skewl yet when it happened, but i was on my way. None the less for those who had to spend time in lower manhattan rite after the tragedy you know what i went thru as well ... the smell you noticed as soon as the train hit the first stop in manhattan commin in from bklyn, getting off the train and seeing this beige color dust on EVERYTHING including ppl. Windows broken into store fronts - streets looking as if it were a war zone ... (which it was in a sense) Government officials walking around in suits as if they were taking off for the moon, for at least 3 months the smell was in the air soo strongly.. maybe now i just dont notice it anymore .. bc im sure it has not disapeared ... these ppl stand and wait on line as if its a rollercoaster they are anticipating to ride ... have they no sense or dignity ... id personally be ASHAMED to ever dare stand in that line. They should be shot for just contemplating to stand in that line, not to mention buying suveniors. We have stripped ourselves of our own morals. Question is ... how do we reverse what has happened to US ?
  4. Welcome Yet another gorgeous lady

    sup georgie boy =)~ mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boys ! ps- george.. dun shoot me =(
  5. Welcome Yet another gorgeous lady

    LOL simon .. ur insane ;o) :eek: :eek:
  6. Welcome Yet another gorgeous lady

    Y thank ya SIMONNNNNNN =o) Nice ta be here .. i promise to smile for ya the whole time im here ;o)~ ne1 else i kno here ?????