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  1. track id...........??

    i have been hearin it on the radio lately......female singer with the words like ''saw it with my own two eyes.......cant deny it'' anyone????, thanx in advance
  2. Song Id sound factory last night!!

    nah, i dont i got that track on cd, my boy gave me it, but he didnt give me names of the tracks on the cd
  3. Song Id sound factory last night!!

    after the AAAAAAAAAA, does the girl say fantasy reality?
  4. deborah cox id......

    this song is been in my head for weeks, i think its old, and im pretty sure its d. cox, goes something like this ''and u've been tellin too many lies.....something something surprise'' lol, thats all i got, anyone know?
  5. Sound Factory glow strings

    surge meth - gift of life
  6. song id from cpi at about 4:00

    maybe ur talkin about dariush - ira?, he played that around that time u said, it has somekind of build up to it
  7. mauro picotto 4-13-2002 track id

    song begins at like the 4th minute and ends at about the 9th minute, anyone?
  8. cpi's last night.........

    song was played at around 3:30-4:00am, all i can remember is it was a femal singer and went something like this...."something something to be freeeeeeeeeeeee, something something with meeeeeeeeeeee", sorry guys, thats all i have, anyone know?
  9. Reina - Epic ?? ?? ??

    thats reina - nothing is gonna change you, thats what jp's been playin, but his own mix
  10. Song ID?

    i have it if u want, email me at [email protected], or im me
  11. first 35 minutes.....sick sick sick........i love tech like that, anyone else agree?
  12. Song ID???

    pretty sure its......Rheinkraft - Who Da Funk (Oliver Klein Remix), sick shit
  13. Favorite night (or party) of the year?

    without a doubt, jonathan peters birthday, 26 hours
  14. whats ur favorite vocal of all time?

    mindy k - moments in love (johnny vicous mix) sarah mclachlan - sweet surrender (dj tiesto mix)
  15. song id........

    song is the very first beat in mauro picotto's set live at innercity 12-19-2001, i coulda sworn ive heard this beat in factory b4, anyone know?