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  1. time for lunch?

    1pm, by the way i hate u, u got me back on red meat
  2. rock bars...

    snitch is the new hot spot
  3. Top 3 Parties @ Crobar ??

    this past weekend I went for both morillo and sanchez, had a blast both nites. I think sanchez really turned it out with the classics. However I think arena will top them all on the 19th. Crobar might just become my new home for awhile
  4. attn: apotheosis~!

    check your pm's i finally checked mine today...
  5. italy - rome oct 2004

    there are shops everywhere, I think by the colosseo I did the most damage I had to buy another suitcase to bring back all this ish I bought, if u have a shoe fetish u will be in heaven come october...
  6. Crobar 9/21 WOW

    it was a beautiful nite, i danced my ass off till closing nice meeting silverbull again
  7. Danny v. Danny

    Fucking Fuckwittage~! I didnt know Charles Feelgood was at sully tonite, decisions decisions.... FUCK~!
  8. Danny v. Danny

    Will this party be unbearably overcrowded? To go or not to go?????
  9. Attn: Uk Eddie!!!!!

    by any chance you flying to the states for danny???
  10. i actually went to a hip hop lounge then ended up at spider club, had a great nite with the girlies any cpers out and about last nite, this morning????
  11. "Brite" meetup 8/26/04

    is mike going to have a residency there?
  12. "Brite" meetup 8/26/04

    ugh after work and sesame chicken incident was not in the mood to go out, al how was it?
  13. "Brite" meetup 8/26/04

    what a coincidence im listening to his cd right now, dude what time are you going?
  14. so naughtybabe...you up for some anal sex tonight?

    Im up for it
  15. Do people change?

    yes, but not overnight...