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  1. johnny dramaaa makes the show eric's not too bad either
  2. what the hell is this at the top of my page? is this for serious? lol [sniff.] ladyshady, you never call. You never write. Is it me? Is there someone else? According to our records, you haven't posted in several weeks. Please post. Please call. I miss you.
  3. probally mischa, supposedly shes wants off the show and to start workin her film career
  4. yes we were done. but in your responding to ghost, you had to talk about me you have nothing else to talk about, but please stop mentioning me, in any way talk about begging for attention ps- we will never have a conversation in person. i wouldnt give you the time of day, let alone have u buy me a drink. your skewed perception of reality would never offer me, or anyone else for that matter, any sound advice, so spare me. dormatory? i am a 21 year old woman with my own apartment, get over it.
  5. listen, keep me out of your infactutation w/ daniella and need to flex your internent muscles, i've stopped replying to you pages ago. i have never expressed in anyway or form that i think i am "god's gift" to anyone, especially men. so your arbitrary comments are useless, and no1 believes you. in fact, i am very intellegent, and although i have never openly made comments, i will not deny your claims. i will be graduating with my bachelor's degree in pyschology next year and will be attending a graduate school in pursuit of working toward my PhD. i am 5'9'' so therefore, have no problems, reaching the bar, and ordering my own drinks. are we done yet?
  6. yeah, almostt you should see what goes on up here at the bars, they treat the team like celbrities now..chanting, lifting people up on shoulders. funny shit post a pic? come on, i post soo many of myself already
  7. 1- it really hurts my feelings when others don't accpet my emoticon usage, i swear 2- when do i everr post pics, let alone post that much? read up.. 3- cant take criticism? ok, if you say so. because you know me really well.. 4- im glad you know how old i am, it is quite flattering. it really is a shame i wont legally be able to by booze for another 4 months, oh no. believe me, i have more fun without drinking than you ever would all liquored up can we be adults, stop fake arguring, on a website no less, and just never type to each other again? thanks
  8. that is why i love this woman anyway, ignoring this weirdo.. and back on the topic of our thread the new Chilli Peppers double CD is AMAZING Stadium Arcadium
  9. yeah this thread sucks but dedicating your life to and decomming daniella's personal papparazzi is totally cool
  10. Jake Gyllenhaal has a new girlfriend Jake Gyllenhaal has finally moved on from Kirsten Dunst and is now dating Olympic snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler. They're reportedly so serious that Gretchen is moving from Ohio to Los Angeles to be with Jake.
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