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  1. On to Athens!!!! (for ghhhooost)

    dont got a whole lot to say now do u old man winter?? hows that 2nd place trophy looking? u dont have shit to show for your season and if it werent for a few unlucky hiccups by Spurs this year you'd be playing for the Mickey Mouse UEFA cup next year rafa fucking benitez..the only manager in the history of football who actually plays for penalties...he's the Gregg Poppovich of the Prem ..sucks the life out of any tie even with your new $$ from the takeover you'll never attract quality players cause noone wants to play in that asshole of an industrial city known as Liverpool, England
  2. Felix_Leiter

    hahaha hey jooooooooooooooooonnyy boyyyyy...these r pics courtesy of doris' camera from that nite @ remote...YUP..U SPOTTED ME MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD money in ur catatonic state as depicted below ive sonned u so many times in this thread that i am DUNZO ...i quit CP...i really have no reason to post anymore
  3. Felix_Leiter

    ofocurse i deny it..heres quick synopsis vinyl admission-antartica drinks= was living @ home..had no need for ur $..all that was hella cheap anyway..u scammed me every time we went out to pay for cabs/drinks etc remote lounge- u were passed out drunk by the time i got there..did i take $ out of ur pockets then drive u home? Boo6- u drove me home..my friends were broke..i paid for them just a taste
  4. Felix_Leiter

    ur accusations are bland..and they are of no substance..u dont point to actual events..and every event you've brought up ive refuted with actual facts and events.. oh and trrrrrrrrrust me ...i got the salsa caliennnnnnte coming later tonite for u ...
  5. Felix_Leiter

    sweet comeback bro..as usual u provide nothing of substance.. to use one of ur quotes NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEXT
  6. Felix_Leiter

    i was with the only black girl on the whole island of Randall
  7. Felix_Leiter

    u didnt see Jon???? he was @ the clubplanet table handing out frisbees dude...Dave hooked him up with comps if he'd work the table for a couple of hours hahahahahaha Jon ..dont make me go back to my parents house and dig up pics of u shittttttbagged @ Remote Lounge to prove a point..i think I've done enough for today
  8. Felix_Leiter

    yup..ur right..u drove us home that nite from Boo...we went and had Chinese food together..and i paid for my friends (not marisa) cause they were hella broke... i dont dispute actual shit and it wasnt really a car...it was a Sentra
  9. Felix_Leiter

    HAHAHAHAAHH this is the nite u went out w Marisa and Pete and all of them...and Cintron drove Zehra home....Reg and i showed up like 2 hrs later...u were already fucking TANKED...and i drove ur drunk ass home..and Reggie carried u up the steps dude ...the kid met u for the firssssst time that nite how did u lend me $ if u were already incapacifuckingtated??? LMAO DUDE UR Backed into a corner and ur reaching for anything right now..DROP IT SIZZZZZZZZZON
  10. Felix_Leiter

    fuckin Willy Loman trying to pretend he was fuckin ballin out of control... met up with that douche @ Lemon Bar one nite ...and he was about to bounce so im like "dude stick around for a bit"...first words out of his mouth "Buy me a drink?" Jon i can go onnnnn and onnnn like Shyheim... and keep presenting actual factual events...which can be substantiated by others if i wanted to get that grimey
  11. Felix_Leiter

    oh oh oh ! ahahahahah i 4got this ahHAHHAHAAHAHAH...first time we ever went to vinyl together..i met u @ ur crib...and i had the FRRRRRRRRRRESHEST pair of AirMax 95's on...and u were like "those r nice..cant afford those with rent tho" as u were sliding on ur DC Shoe Company beaters :laugh: yup..u let me hold dizoughhh
  12. Felix_Leiter

    do u read what u post or just hit submit.. if i was living @home...and had a job..why would i not be able to afford $10 admission to vinyl? and $4 drinks @ antartica... nice try buddy
  13. Felix_Leiter

    its all gravy baby
  14. Felix_Leiter

  15. Felix_Leiter

    ahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahahaaha ...you and ante r made for each other...you'd seriously say anything to win an argument... come on jon..u sold broadband door to door..i had an internship @ a multi billion dollar corp @ the time....and u were lending me $$?? .....one of these things is not like the other...one of theseee things is just not the sameeee...... may I also add..around the time u were lending me $$...u asked Tony to borrow a couple thousand dollars ...to which he responded "I JUST LENT MARKO 4K" which was a lie ...