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  1. >>Madonnnnaaaa Madonnnnnnaaaa TICKETS!!!!

    saw her last tour only to say i finally saw her live and well, while i was up along the sides, i don't think it is something worth repeating. I like her music so i'll spend the $ on her cd than to spend that kind of money on one floor seat much less one to every show. You people must not have bills to pay (lol). She was standoffish (i thought) to the audience. Like we were interfereing with HER schedule for being there - go figure.
  2. Blondie at City Hall Park tomorrow

    aw man! i only check the boards from time to time. Did you go? was it good?
  3. I heard on the radio that prince is playing at a club tonight but couldn't hear the club's name. HELP! i'm sure it'll be a mad house to try and get in but if this is his only venue in the area I may have to try for it.
  4. Crobar?

    Yeah i got those emails too. I think the date is the 12th too. I think the earlier date was like a sneak preview party.
  5. CROBAR - Opening 12/12???

    i want to go! Just wish they would have some info on the website about the space and who (if anyone) will be playing there. I'd like to see what it looks like, how big it is, are there dif. floors? I HAVE QUES. CROBAR!. lol
  6. You guys want another "AMERICA MEETUP"?

    i'm back in the area so it works for me.
  7. cell phones

    i have a sony ericsson with the camera and it's ok. What i like is the long talk time/battery life this puppy has. and as far as service, well i've only recently had some service problems cause they are "upgrading" their equipment.
  8. Clubs in San Juan, PR

    i leave the 19th! can't wait - even though i hear the weather will be chance of thunderstorms the whole time i will be there but we will make the best of it.
  9. Clubs in San Juan, PR

    ok but r u sure it's called babylon? I can always find out what hotel it is in. I have heard the water club "looks" like a south beach club but haven't heard anything about the dance floor.
  10. Clubs in San Juan, PR

    Hi all! It's been a few years since I've been to the Condado area so does anyone know of any place with decent music to hit? I'll be there this month.
  11. ~*~ MrMATAS - BIRTHDAY? ~*~

    Just dropped in and look what i found!!! Hope this is a great year for you!
  12. Summer love? or Summer single?

    i don't have one but maybe I'll meet someone to share this summer with. No fun doing some things on your own (keep it CLEAN people!!LOL!) I want to head to the countryside /mountains and view a starry sky with a new honey..<sigh> lol
  13. City in the summer?

    with everyone gone to sit in traffic the streets are emptier and easier to roam around - sure an ocassional weekend by the beach but the rest of the time right here.
  14. think he could use another groupie? lol
  15. haven't been there under this "Disco" name.