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  1. Fuckin CP.....

    hey girl, how've you been?
  2. Fuckin CP.....

    omg hi!!
  3. Fuckin CP.....

    hey ingrid!
  4. Fuckin CP.....

  5. What Do You Do For Work??

    public relations & marketing coordinator for a cosmetic company
  6. The Official Youtube Thread

    hey hon i'm doing well, i was bored and wandered on here... how have you been?
  7. The Official Youtube Thread

    she has the perfect old school voice for that... it'll be flawless, no doubt
  8. The Official Youtube Thread

    this chick is a total crackhead but her voice is so fucking amazing... obsessed
  9. The Official Youtube Thread

    i think your friend is gorgeous... she's got great style too and just because i think everyone should listen to her amazing voice... amy winehouse - back to black
  10. no booze on LIRR st pattys

    they always have a no alcohol rule at penn station on st. patty's... cops used to check our 'soda' cups when we got off the train, ha. not surprised it's not allowed on LIRR this year. guess they don't want to people getting super smashed on the train and causing trouble on their way to the parade/bar
  11. The good ol days - Old CP Pic

    haha im glad i avoided many of these group pics... how many years old are these??
  12. 2006 Halloween Costumes~

    ha i was going to get that same costume and my bf was going to go as a convict... proof that great minds think alike decided on little red riding hood instead bc it was cheaper... it's ridiculous how expensive these cheap lil costumes can be.
  13. is saturday at crobar halloween party

    you're wearing a kissing booth costume.... pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.
  14. david guetta on saturday

    hey serge, Jagshemash!
  15. ~Favorite Breakfast Foods~

    there is this place on 9th ave & 50-something (i think) called eatery that makes the most delicious stuffed french toast... they use challa bread, at least something like it, so it's really huge and fluffy... sooooo good but so bad at the same time. really yummy.