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  1. I need info on Tiesto for may 30

    ya biz let us know.
  2. Whats wrong with the industry?? Record labels & artists

    just for the record. i never LD music from the net. All my music purchased with cold hard cash!!!!!
  3. What song would u go crazy with at Ultra!

    billy dream by 12 street, song fucking rocks
  4. 5061 lounge tonight

    Looking for some thing to do. 5061 lounge. No entry fee. free valet parking, free vip seating. With drink prices with in the $6.00 range. With DJRC spinning the best in deep, tribal, progressive, house untill 3:00. Great place to chill and get your night started. party kicks off @ 10:00. 5061 biscayne blvd downtown miami. 5 min from space. look forward to see some cpers. peace, Robert:tongue:
  5. 5061 lounge

    5061 louge @ 5061 Biscayne Blvd. Never an entry charge, Free valet.Free Vip seating. What more can you ask for.A great way to start off your night or just cill. I will be spining deep house untill 11ish and switch it up to some Tribal, Progessive. Hope to see some cp'ers in the house.Drink prices r with inthe $6.00 range. Peace, RC
  6. What kind of music do you like POLL

    I am with you guys, I love all. Of corse in there correct settings. 1. Deep/ tribal house should be played out side on a beach, With a lot of women dancing with out there tops on. (oh shit wake up I am having one of those dreams) the music is extremly sexual. Or in a lounge type setting 2. Progressive/ Or Epic Trance I feel This is great from 11:00 untill 3am 3. Hard House/ Techno Should be played From 3am untill 7am 4.As for d.b I can only listen to that for about an hour or two. Some dj's play it to fast. I like Dj Rap and Ronnie Size, Goldie that style. 5. As for breaks, agian it all depends on what kind of breaks. progressive or Orlando/funcky. I Could listen to funky breaks at the start, but again to fast. Progressive breaks kick ass, I can listen to them all night. Well there was my 2 cents .
  7. PvD calls out Edgar V!!!

    I have to agree with saleen about Picotto. His style is more techno/tribal then trance. But for me trance is were it begain. Cosmic Gate, Acosta,Tracid Track,The song French Kiss, any thing on the bonsi table, fuck I was loven life. I loved to hear EV play, i do miss his style at space, when i go. If you pick up any of the over seas mags You will see hard core trance and candy ravers are on the rise. Will it make it over here, Sure it will. I give it untill the wmc. that will set the trend for the following year. The only thing I see that may hinder it is the govermental issues.
  8. What make s a club GHETTO???

    You know when a club is ghetto, even before you walk in when. 1. All the cars have flags on every window. 2. All the cars have a faded bowling ball piant jobs. 3. All the cars have no back seats, just speakers (wait that sound like my truck) 4. All the girls are wearing pastic pumps from pay less. 5. All the guy are wearing gucci sneaker with matching head band. 6. The entry fees is $1.00 7. @ 1:00 there is a G string contest. 8. It closes @ 3:00, Becuase its an auto body shop during the day 9. The promoters name is Sweet-Pee 10. The club has no intel lighting. 11. THis is a dead give away ( A wall of speakers) l :
  9. Progressive And Tribal With A Touch Of Trance

    heard him last fri night after my gig, great stuff keep it up george.
  10. Thursdays @ 5061...gotta check this out....

    thanks george. I knew you did not a have bad bone inyour body. But your post is all mine hahahahahahahah.
  11. Thursdays @ 5061...gotta check this out....

    dont know Why but the Friday info on the flyer was cut half off. But it is pretty much the as thur. but sorry no free drinks. And guys r $5.00 after 1:00 am.hope to see u there. Peace DJRC(Robert)
  12. Thursdays @ 5061...gotta check this out....

    Sorry guys/Girls. Ladies night does not start until next thur..Fri is still a go check out the flyer. Sorry .
  13. 5061 lounge

    Every Fri. 5061 bicanye blv.Free Parking, Free Entry. I will be spinning Deep house untill 10:30 and progress from there. Great place to start ur night or just Chill. Clean and Cool see u there...Drink prices are about $6.00 a drink. So even the cheapest person could get hammereddrunk: . Thrusday ladies night will start up in two weeks. Come in and check us out. Peace, RC
  14. This weekend

    Bro, good luck on your bliss gig
  15. "Perfect Love" gets 4 stars in UK's Muzik Mag

    sweet track, got it last week from dancerecords.com. nice work keep it up