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  1. Reactions to MTV Preparty - Sasha & Moby

    I really don't see this happening anytime soon. First of all, as much as people hate to admit it, MTV is very representative of the American music scene and what Americans want to see. Notice that I didn't say "hear" because it has very little to do with the music. Since MTV has become the dominant social force in the music industry (mainly over the last 5 years), the main requirement to being successful is having a marketable image. Yes, there are artists that have survived since before this began but you would be hard pressed to name many newcomers that succeeded without doing so. Obviously the pop groups and rappers fit into this mold, as do the majority of bands. I haven't heard them much, but it seems that a lot of the hype surrounding such bands as the Strokes, Hives, White Stripes, etc has as much to do with their look and anything else. So my point is this: Unless something drastic changes in the way that American music is marketed and sold, you will not see electronic music or DJs attain the same level of commercial success that they have overseas. Americans need to have an image to go along with the music - it fits into their celebrity worship complex. Electronic (and I am talking about house, techno, dnb, all dance music as well) is too anonymous. The few artists that succeed in a popular sense are those such as Moby, who also relies on image (and a lot of marketing hype). BTW, Digweed really was sick - he canceled a few dates in Europe because of it and Tenaglia himself mentioned it on his site.
  2. Any Sander K reviews?

    I'll agree that he wasn't spectacular the whole time (I was there from about 3:30 to 6:30) but I thought he totally ripped it between 4:20 and about 5:15. After that he started being really inconsistent (except for the Thriller remix, that was pretty damn cool) and the stuff after about 6 was pretty cheesy. I was surprised at how empty it was...not that it was bad, I enjoyed having the room to dance, but considering what it was like for Tenaglia last weekend, I was at least expecting a full dance floor. But whatever that track w/ the female vocal was that he played at 4:20 was very cool - it went on for about 10 min and kept getting better and better as it went. If any of you know what it was, let me know...though it's not much of a description. It was the first time (after 3:30, at least) that the crowd really got crazy. That hour was sick though, I thought he was able to take it up a notch with each track and his mixing was very tight. This was the first time I've been seriously clubbing in a while without taking anything at all, so maybe my opinion is skewed from my surprise at how much fun I had (especially since my friends bailed on me so I went solo), but I thought that he did a great job, for that hour or so at least. Not the best set I've heard by any means, but I think he did a good job and was def. worth seeing. Did anyone see Bill Patrick? I was talking to some guy there who said he played a really good set....
  3. So I had been skeptical that Sander was really spinning at Shelter last night since I hadn't heard anything about it until yesterday, but it was listed on the balance promotions website so I figured it was legit. Well, after being late and meeing my friend in line at 1:30 (where he had been for 30 min without moving), we finally got in at 2. Some people had shouted to the line that Sander's wasn't there but we stuck it out anyway. We hasked the bouncers and the door guy, who were good at being asses to people, but they didn't know anything at all. When we get to the ticket window (which by the way is before ANOTHER long line), I paid my 30 bucks and then looked down and realized there was a sign saying due to some garbage, Sander wouldn't be playing. So I asked for my money back right away and we took off. Hopefully some of the people behind us in line saved themselves the wait and listened when I told them about the notice. So the question is - some people in line behind us said this is the 3rd time Sander hasn't been here. Is this his fault or the club's? All in all, not cool at all. But at least it sounds better than dealing with Exit.....
  4. west 18th st, i believe...between 10th and 11th? someone correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that's it.
  5. Shelter Tonight... sick lineup

    Besides the heat, what's this place like? door policy, dress code, crowd, etc.
  6. Shelter Tonight... sick lineup

    Wow, I had no idea this was going on. I would highly recommend going to everyone...when Sander was at Vinyl back in Jan he absolutely tore it up. Anyone know ANY details about this? It's not even on Shelter's website...
  7. Senate Declares War On Raves

    Yeah, up near Syracuse there are some, that's where Turning Stone casino is. Anyway, I still find it hard to believe that NO ONE is the government has the balls to point out the fact that it is actually the US drug policy that supports terrorism. What are you fighting against in the drug war? Addiction, desired to get messed up? HELL NO, you are fighting the 200% profit margin involved. Cocaine with a street value of $500 in Columbia has a street value of $100,000 in the US. No matter what you do or how much you spend, the profit margin is too high. There will always be people willing to risk it. People don't want to admit that the war on drugs failed, but there is a simple solution. Legalize it, tax it, and American companies will make the money instead of terrorists. The drugs aren't to blame, our government's ignorance and stupidity is. Remember that next time you see the drug money supports terror ads.
  8. anyone know how to copy/burn a locked cd?

    Also, if you get a Plextor or Liteon burner, they have this Burnproof technology that ignores the errors that were intentionally put on the disc...a 40x will only run you about 60 bucks. It'll copy games with SafeDisc protection (basically the same thing) as well.
  9. Question?

    He must have played it the second set, cause I didn't hear it. Too bad, it's a sweet track.... Regardless, it's Big Sexy feat. Kevin Yost and Peter Funk - Close to My Skin (I Records). ps if you get ahold of that Peace Division remix of Roots Roll Call, I'd really love a copy. Thanks
  10. djmixes2k site is down.>?

    Just so you know, it's only down for a month...they are just taking a break for a little while. But it's definitely hard to find sites that have more than just streams....
  11. Danny vs Danny review....GREAT and bad...

    Thanks a bunch...please count me in too if any of you find this...
  12. Danny vs Danny review....GREAT and bad...

    This is my first post, so whatup everyone.... As for the night, I personally thought DH ripped it up. The end of his first set (after DT came out and spoke the first time) was just sick. It did seem like a warmup for Tenaglia (stylistically, at least) but wasn't that what he was doing? Regardless, it was absolutely BANGING all night long (at least till I left at 8 because my legs gave out on me). Anyways, yeah it was hot as hell in there but it seems to me that if you're not all hot and sweaty then both you and the DJ have failed. As long as you aren't about to faint then just enjoy it. And please, please, does anyone know what these 2 tracks are? 1. Around 3am, DH played something with a guy saying "Frankie Knuckles.....David Morales.....????? Records" 2. The track DT played right after Touch Me (and the mix between those 2 was pretty damn cool) Well, I had a blast on Sat and look forward to hitting arc up again. And yes, the sound was kickass...so much cleaner than Vinyl's previous system, with more bass at (what I think was) a much lower volume. I used to be half-deaf leaving Vinyl, but no more. All in all, I thought it was a fantastic night....