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  1. Eddie Baez?

    gotta agree w/ you, I also found it quite ironic how directly after talking shit about an amazing dj, whom hes obviously very jealous of, he praises Teo (no offense to Teo, just not my fav)...i heard that eddie was suppost to celebrate his birthday this weekend...is this true...Also..I was there this past sat, towards the end of the night...wasnt his best set imo, but he was still great...Baez is still, and will always be one of my fav DJ's....
  2. baez was awsome this sat

    started the night over at temps- i gotta give it to denny, another great sat...then headed over to xs..what eddie did with "i just died in your arms tonight" was amazing...great job to both
  3. XS on 7/5

    i agree..richie was on point..i gotta give it to baez too, i had a great time on sat also
  4. factory this friday???

    exactly......Eddie always turns it out...But Factory on a fri will never work, thats been proven alredy
  5. good shit...im definitley gonna tune in
  6. exit was definitley at its best when baez and denny were there...not that i dislike boris, he does have good nights, but its hit or miss...... nyc needs baez back.......to many politics....to many haters
  7. factory this friday???

    you must really have it out for eddie..on almost every post from you, there is some form of baez bashing goin on...how old are we? if you dont like a dj, any dj for that matter, dont go here them..and thats that...do we really have nothing better to do than talk about well established dj's,whove been around for a long time? come on now..the hatin should stop...
  8. Whataboutme check your pm....

    Baez definitely ripped it....always does..................
  9. morillo- def good choice....would love to hear caldrone down there........ and i'll always have ears for Baez......... also wouldnt mind jv or Boris on one of his good nights.....
  10. Goodbye eddie baez

    I think when clevland has a on night, he definitley rocks it....but i'm personly a huge baez fan, thats the only way you could even get me in sf on a fri.... i just got word that they are gonna start a new fri party in sept....and yes baez will be spinning...